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Bike - not tonight Josephine!

I was well into writing tonight's Bike when I remembered I'd put the washing on some time before and as it should have been finished I went to empty the machine; only to discover it was flashing like the control panel of the USS Enterprise. I managed to switch it off and empty it, then did the washing by hand. It was barely wet. So I don't have time to write tonight, instead going to rub some cream into my poor puddies which are very clean and rather pink. In other words, sorry.

Interesting 'letter to' article in the Guardian

A very interesting letter by the sister of someone who has decided to transition to that individual. This is one of a series the Guardian publishes every saturday.

A film with a trans actor playing a trans woman.

The link below to the Guardian includes a film clip which looks like a thriller, alas it's Spanish with subtitles but it certainly looks more interesting than the average transgender film.

The critic in the Guardian was very positive.

I've stopped monkeying with gorillas.

I have finally submitted my assignment on mountain gorillas, it has taken me much of my free time for the past three weeks, lots of data to process. I now have to wait to see how well or badly I've done. If it's based on effort I should do well but I thought that last time. Anyway, I'm too tired to write Bike tonight, and I may be out tomorrow evening, so it could be Woden's day before the next episode.

I think I shall an early night and rest my surviving brain cell.

Up to my eyeballs in gorillas

Well it caught your eye, didn't it? Sorry no Bike tonight been researching mountain gorillas in Uganda for my latest university assignment, and there is a lot of data to deal with. Life continues to be busy (when I'm awake) and I'll be back with Gorilla beringei beringei tomorrow trying to finish that part of my assignment and will also try to do another episode of the longest and most boring serial ever devised, but as there's no accounting for taste, some of you seem to like it. My co-authors are both zonked with full tummies, hence my posting this for them.

Transgender Kids - Who knows best?

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Transgender Kids: Who knows best?
BBC2 12.01.17
I nearly didn’t watch this documentary because I was expecting it to be a polemic about how children are too young to know their own minds or how the previous regime in a clinic in Canada were into conversion therapy.

Bloody Dormouse forms

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I have spent hours this evening trying to complete my returns to maintain my licence to tickle dormice. At the end the other computer rejected them twice. As this is a priority for me, I shall have to keep trying at this when I have time so Bike is on hold until I get it right. Thanks for your patience, I'm sure you'll enjoy the next twist in Cathy's story when I get round to writing it.



Been busy rereading Snafu over on Sapphire's Place and didn't realise the time. Not sleeping too well with pains in my shoulders and arms, so I fell asleep in the chair. I have a visitor over le weekend, it's my birthday on Saturday so I may or may not have time to do any writing - I also have a committee meeting - wonderful way to spend it.

For those who haven't read SNAFU here's a link.It's a full length novel.

No Bike - research took too long

Sorry folks, I ran out of time trying to verify some stuff for the latest Bike. Hopefully I'll get it sorted tomorrow.

I also ended up with a boot full of mud and dirty water when I slipped into a ditch while out doing fieldwork with the RSPB. Took me ten minutes to get my sock clean enough to wash and my boot might be dry by Christmas! Oh the joys of fieldwork.


Worries of UK parents with TG children

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It appears after the child of a divorced parent was removed from her custody because she allowed the child to dress as a girl has encouraged other separated or divorced parents to challenge the diagnoses of transgender children and the custody of the child with the sympathetic parent.

Remembering Aberfan

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(Photo: The Aberfan memorial at Bryntaf Cemetery by Stephen McKay courtesy of wikipedia).

1966 was not a good year for me, despite England winning the World Cup, it saw the Aberfan disaster happen and about two weeks later my father died, both were total surprises to the thirteen year old child that I was.

Back from Spain

Oh well, all good things must come to an end so it's back to the grind and colder weather. I can't believe that two days ago I was struggling with the heat as I tramped around El Hondo, a nature reserve outside Elche near Alicante. Now it's catch up time, do washing and other chores ready for work tomorrow. The latter is becoming increasingly difficult to psyche myself up to do, especially when there are things I'd prefer doing like chasing dormice or watching birds. However, going on holiday is definitely a luxury that my working pays for.

Blog from Spain

It is still quite warm here on the Costa Blanca. Yesterday was a bit of bummer as we had to wait in for the wi-fi connection to arrive via Spanish Postal services, so practically lost a whole day just kicking our heels. I did some university work and also read my book, Farewell to Ice by Peter Wadhams a scientist from Cambridge. I admit it felt quite weird reading about ice formation when the temperature outside was in the low thirties Centigrade. I explored the garden and found a couple of butterflies and the remains of a tiger butterfly, one of the Danaidae or milk weed butterflies.

Things are going to get very busy

On Saturday my course begins and I'm going on on holiday the next day - clever planning that - c'est la vie. The thing is, I've invested quite a bit of money in the course, a degree in Environmental Science, which is going to keep me a bit busy for the next six years. I'm hoping I'll still be able to write some Bikesodes, but obviously nowhere near as many as you have had in the past. I'm still working part time and that has got very busy as well, so life isn't easy at present - and the dormouse stuff I do in real life is also quite busy.

Unlikely to be a Bike tonight

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I shall be out with the bat group until quite late so won't have time to write, I'm afraid. This being a part time ecologist is hard work and we only had one dormouse yesterday, which ran up the tree, so we didn't get to sex it or weigh it. Thankfully, it wasn't me who let it escape. We did have a couple or more nests in the boxes but that was it.

As it's a fairly quiet night, windwise, we might get some bats. I'll let you know.




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