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I just realised

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that when I was looking at something on my personal account page that a month ago I achieved my 10th anniversary as a member here. It doesn't seem that long ago, though it might to some of my readers. In those days I was only posting the odd blog here while I was still writing Snafu for Sapphire's Place and the early attempts at doing some Gaby stories on Maddy's site, then I got soaked riding my bike in a thunderstorm and Bike happened.

Not every story has a happy ending

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Nature is reputedly red in tooth and claw, things will kill each other possibly to eat or as rivals. This was the sad end to our dormouse survey today. The picture contains the body of a dormouse which has been attacked and killed possibly by a wood mouse. It was the only one we found today, making it doubly sad. To think the poor thing survived the winter then possibly went torpid overnight and met a wood mouse...


I feel really beautiful - not.

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I consulted my GP this afternoon about a couple of patches of something probably solar induced on my face and right arm. The bit on my arm is no problem, I have a plaster on it since he zapped it with liquid nitrogen and it feels fine. It'll breakdown and weep for a couple of days, crust over and heal up. The other thing is on my nose. He wasn't sure what it was but we agreed to zap it as well, though he did offer to wait a bit longer and have my nose amputated. I opted for the liquid nitrogen again.

Bike delayed.

Had an interesting day, put up some trellis for my ex, took my daughter to lunch and then fixed her bike plus a hundred mile drive each way. Then just as I'm gearing up to start scribbling Bike, my glasses fell apart or shall we say, a lens fell out. I then spent a fruitless twenty minutes trying to find the screw responsible only to discover it was still in the frame. It's a weird arrangement because the screw holding the lens in is under the arm not on the top and I couldn't see it because I didn't have my glasses.

Essay essay essay!

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Depending upon how you say the title, it could almost be the start if a music hall joke, except I've been essaying an essay essay as an essay all day. If that doesn't make sense, neither does most of what I wrote. An essay can be an attempt, a piece of written work shorter than a treatise, a first draft, a trial or an experiment; according to Chamber's.

'Death by a thousand cuts'.

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Human rights groups in the US are worried about what the White House is doing to various bills regarding lgbtq protection and the fact that the proposed census will no longer collect information to determine how some lgbtq people are living and the difficulties they face.

Sorry I've missed a couple of Bikes

I've had an exhausting week work wise and haven't had the energy to do much at all in the evening not finishing until 8.00pm most nights - and I'm supposed to be semi-retired. Then last night I went to bed early and woke in the night for a wee and couldn't get back to sleep for ages. consequently sleeping in this morning. However, I woke feeling much better and resolved to have the morning doing something I enjoy instead of slaving over a hot text book. I went to check the barn owl roost I know and found some more pellets.

No Bike tonight.

Sorry just did a twelve hour day, yeah I know supposed to be retired, sort of, and am just too tired to bother writing anything tonight. For those with withdrawal symptoms you could always read some earlier episodes or try one of my short stories, there are one or two of them, plus other serials like Totally Insane or Charlotte's Tale or my thriller and fantasy novel SNAFU, the first 47 parts are on Sapphire's site. See links below.

Woman's Hour, Jenni Murray in hotwater

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For an article in the Sunday Times she wrote in which she apparently suggested that transwomen are not real women. It got a mention in the Guardian and some of the comments are more interesting than the article.

For those who want to see the Guardian article:

I haven't actually yet seen the Sunday Times article which is behind a paywall. Thanks Roop!

Been trying to do an essay on the Amazonian rainforest

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I was getting into essay writing mode when my printer played up again, it did so last weekend when I was trying to print off a couple of scientific papers that I could quote or cite to justify my case. I was trying to do the same again, print off a paper on sustainable use of the forest when it started playing up again. It's amazing how quickly an hour can pass when you're enjoying yourself - so why is it so slow when waiting at an airport or railway station?

Bike - not tonight Josephine!

I was well into writing tonight's Bike when I remembered I'd put the washing on some time before and as it should have been finished I went to empty the machine; only to discover it was flashing like the control panel of the USS Enterprise. I managed to switch it off and empty it, then did the washing by hand. It was barely wet. So I don't have time to write tonight, instead going to rub some cream into my poor puddies which are very clean and rather pink. In other words, sorry.

Interesting 'letter to' article in the Guardian

A very interesting letter by the sister of someone who has decided to transition to that individual. This is one of a series the Guardian publishes every saturday.

A film with a trans actor playing a trans woman.

The link below to the Guardian includes a film clip which looks like a thriller, alas it's Spanish with subtitles but it certainly looks more interesting than the average transgender film.

The critic in the Guardian was very positive.

I've stopped monkeying with gorillas.

I have finally submitted my assignment on mountain gorillas, it has taken me much of my free time for the past three weeks, lots of data to process. I now have to wait to see how well or badly I've done. If it's based on effort I should do well but I thought that last time. Anyway, I'm too tired to write Bike tonight, and I may be out tomorrow evening, so it could be Woden's day before the next episode.

I think I shall an early night and rest my surviving brain cell.

Up to my eyeballs in gorillas

Well it caught your eye, didn't it? Sorry no Bike tonight been researching mountain gorillas in Uganda for my latest university assignment, and there is a lot of data to deal with. Life continues to be busy (when I'm awake) and I'll be back with Gorilla beringei beringei tomorrow trying to finish that part of my assignment and will also try to do another episode of the longest and most boring serial ever devised, but as there's no accounting for taste, some of you seem to like it. My co-authors are both zonked with full tummies, hence my posting this for them.

Transgender Kids - Who knows best?

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Transgender Kids: Who knows best?
BBC2 12.01.17
I nearly didn’t watch this documentary because I was expecting it to be a polemic about how children are too young to know their own minds or how the previous regime in a clinic in Canada were into conversion therapy.

Bloody Dormouse forms

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I have spent hours this evening trying to complete my returns to maintain my licence to tickle dormice. At the end the other computer rejected them twice. As this is a priority for me, I shall have to keep trying at this when I have time so Bike is on hold until I get it right. Thanks for your patience, I'm sure you'll enjoy the next twist in Cathy's story when I get round to writing it.



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