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You're Only Human, final chapter later this week

I plan to release the 10th and final chapter for "You're Only Human". I never wanted to have it be a "love connection" between an AI and the human narrator but I moved the needle into that direction and found it shoved back the other way by the AI. So, the story will end on a not so happy ending in "virtual love-land" but more of a way to have the narrator not confide so much with a program but with others in the flesh.

WhatAHoliday Chapter 1- O Come, All Ye Faithful

There’s no contest this time but I’m still going to try and finish this before December 23rd. The continuation of “A Cracker Barrel Christmas” has Nicole and her family going to see her older brother in Texas. While there, she meets a homeless couple who sleep in a car across the street from a “Whataburger”. Nicole tries to find a way tgo help them and all of the homeless in the sub-freezing weather of a Texas suburb.


to the readers of All I Need is a Miracle

As I have ran through several edits to the story I realized how much was not fully explained and how I could extend the middle. I plan to have Tai relive each day, but, much like an episode of Star Trek TNG (Cause and Effect), slight changes are made each time she relives the day.
I also wanted to know if it is required to show more of what happens to during these loops.

All I Need is a Miracle


Thank you to everyone who is currently reading “All I Need is a Miracle”. I have enjoyed working on this story and I know there are some heavy consequences that need to be dealt out. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

There are three chapters remaining until the conclusion.

In case anyone is wondering, chapter titles are based on songs by Mike and the Mechanics

New Project: Sword of Vermilion


Another project I’ve been trying to write since 1992

Long Ago, King Tsarkon of Cartahena unleashed his evil hordes upon the peaceful land of Excalabria.

Though the people of Excalabria fought bravely, in the end they were overwhelmed. As his castle collapsed around him, King Erik V of Excalabria summoned Blade, his most trusted servant. Erik commanded Blade to escape with Erik's infant daughter and the Ring of Wisdom, an ancient family heirloom.

Freebie’s for this week on Amazon

I skipped a freebie week, so we’re once again doing a double up:

The e-books for: “Are You Happy” and “Desert Rose” will be free for this week from Amazon.

Are You Happy” is kind of a depressing delve into the madness mind of Stephen Thomas and his “guardians’: the Elvin princess Ayle and a grim reaper-in-training who never makes it, “Skully”. The reader is asked to ponder if they’re a part of Stephen’s broken psyche or if they indeed exist.

Free ebooks for the first week of June

I am setting the “the twins’ as free on Amazon for the first week in June.

“A Change Would Do You Good” and “the best damn thing” were written at about the same time and both take place in Alabama. “Change” is set on the shores of Orange Beach while Prattville hosts the plotline for “tbdt”. Both are bitter stories…but one ends on a happy note that has allowed me to try to think of a follow-up story.

Both will be available to free for Kindle on 6/2/2023 to 6/5/2023.

Cherry Jubilee (May Challenge)

She’s the main character of a long-running bishoujo manga “High School Senpai”: Popular, outgoing and caring to all, including the younger students who look up to her. She’s is the comic dream girl for one Anthony “Tony” Kincaid. But what happens when she turns up, in the flesh, at his high school?

“Kaze no Hajimaru Basho”


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