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2024 New Year's Contest

If you click on 2024-01 January - New Year's Resolution Story Contest above, you will see a list of the entries.

Contest Closed for entries.

Please post your choices for top three stories and possibly win $50.

Start the New Year right by participating in Jill, Emma, and Joanne’s writing contest!

2021-12 Christmas Holidays Story Contest Entries

This blog is just to help people find the story contest entries.

Story contest entries should show up at this link: Click here!

I'll keep this blog near the top of the list of blogs on the front page through early January. If you haven't entered the contest yet, please do!


October/November Story Challenge - Everyday Costumes

Time for a small story challenge before people get serious about the Christmas contest. The theme is Everyday Costumes and it's up to you what exactly that means. We've had a few entries, check them out by clicking on the tag in the header above.

Some suggestions:

A superhero's costume is altered by an evil tailor.
A crossdresser's wish comes true in an unexpected way.
Two people dress as each other for Halloween.
A character in a long running soap opera comes to life.
A special Halloween costume shop is run by an old guy in a bathrobe.

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