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Psyren's Redemption - Amelia Steps In - Read For Free Now

Amelia steps in to rescue Sapphira when he's at his most desperate, but has she bitten off more she can chew?

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Psyren's redemption - Sappira plummets - Read for free now

To those that read the blog on my site. I got my desktop up and running again, (yay!). So, there should be any future problems getting Psyren up (knock on wood).

Sapphira's flight from Garos takes an unexpected turn when he finds his concentration slip and he begins to plummet to the ground. Will he escape almost certain death or will this be his end?

Psyren's Redemption - Garos - Read for free now!

Tossed across the warehouse by Garos' unexpected attack, will Sapphira perish at his hand or will he find some way to gain the upper hand?

Go here to read the newest part, or click here to start at the very beginning.

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This was originally posted on my website, but I felt I should share it here as well.

Apologies, for my absence over the last three weeks. December was a difficult and frankly odd month for me at least where the real world is concerned. I’m back and thankfully, most of the drama that was keeping me away has now died down. I’ll resume posting next week, but until then please accept my deepest apologies.

Have a delightfully demented day,

Daniel A. Wolfe (you know that D.A.W. guy)

Halloween story on my website

Read the story today!

I thought I'd take a break from our regularly scheduled programing and do something a little special for Halloween. Yesterday, I rewrote 'Devil's Due' one of my old Mixed Tape Entries. It's more than double the length of the original and best of all the new version is now considered part of the official canon for my meridian-verse.

New serial up on D.A.W.'s website

Just a note to my fans as discussed in my previous blog, the first part of my new serial is up on my website! I do hope you enjoy. Click the link below to read it.

Psyren's Redemption - Chapter 1 Part 1

Also, I added a direct link to the RSS feed on my website to make it easier for folks to subscribe.

A big thanks and poll results

I'd just like to take a moment and thank everyone who participated in the poll on my website.

I've gone over the results and my final decision concerning the future of my website in this weeks blog post. And surprise, I've opened up two of my story universes to other authors!

You can read about it on my website.

If you have any thoughts, please, leave a comment here or on danielawolfe.com.

Requesting help

I just put up a poll on my website and am hoping folks here could head on over and vote on the sort of content I'll be adding to my website in the future. Mainly this would be for fans of my writing/people who intend to visit my website. Cast your vote or share comments in the blog. Either way, your thoughts will be appreciated.

Please, click here.

Haven't been getting a lot of writing done.

My dog and constant companion of almost ten years and best friend, passed away unexpectedly late last week. I don't really feel much like writing right now. I've always been a bit socially awkward so I don't have many friends. Coming home to her after a day of work was always the highlight of my day.

Any Spanish speakers?

Any one fluent in Spanish hereabouts who'd be willing to do a little bit of proofing? I have a few lines of spoken dialogue in my story that are in Español, and I want to make sure I've translated them correctly.

Whoever offers their help will get a hole heaping pile of nothing, unless my undying gratitude and an honorable mention in my author's rant counts for something.

Everyone have a delightfully demented day,


'The Earth Source Universe'


In case anyone is wondering what the crap happened to Battle For Earth, it's still here I just moved it into it's new Universe Organizer page aka the Earth Source Universe.

Also for those that are interested Legacy of Earth, the sequel to Battle For Earth, is up to about 45,000 words and I'm getting really close to finishing the first part. It won't, however, see the light of day until all parts are finished. Sorry.

Well what do you know?


It seems my five year anniversary with this site has gone and past more than a month without me noticing. I certainly hope I'll be around in another five years. This place is such a welcome community and though I'm not as deeply involved as some folks in these parts, I've always found the attitude friendly and inviting.

Kudos to Erin, and crew for running such a great site!

After Battle For Earth... What's next?

So... I've received a number of inquiries about my next story... Most of my responses thus far have been that I was working on a superhero story titled Pyren's redemption, but sometimes plans change. I still intend to write Pyren's redemption and will probably work on it on the side, but the requests for sequels to Battle for Earth did not go unnoticed. I've been intending to write a sequel all along, but I generally like to take a break from a series after I finish it. This time around, I really, really, really wanted to start work on the sequel. So...

A long overdue Battle For Earth update

I know it probably seems as if I've fallen off the face of the Earth (at least the part of it that happens to be on the top shelf of a rather big closet and other places where tg writers lurk), but believe it or not I do have good news for those that actually seem to like to read my demented ramblings. The final parts of Battle For Earth, will get posted in the near future when I have time to get them edited. I admit I did sit on the ending for long periods, but between those periods it went through a number of different and rather extensive revisions.

Battle For Earth Delay

Just a note for folks who are anticipating the next episode of Battle For Earth, I have some changes I want to make to said part which due to a plumbing disaster and an all around busy week haven't gotten done. As such I'm a bit tired and burnt out. I'm pretty sure the delay will be less than a week, but probably more than a few days unless I find the time (or inclination) to revise it today.

Everyone have a delightfully demented day,


Battle For Earth: Infiltration epub & pdf

For those that are still interested I've uploaded the epub for Battle For Earth:Infiltration. You can grab it from the outline page or download it directly from this link. As with Battle for Earth: Resistance if you want the pdf I will send it to you via email. Just send me a PM with your email addy and I'll get it sent out.

Regarding Battle for Earth epubs and pdfs.

Well, those who've followed my stories for the last several years are probably aware that I often provide pdf and epub versions of my stories for folks to download here on bigcloset. Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide PDF documents this time around as the file sizes are much too large (bigcloset has a max file upload size of 2 mb). I could reduce them by producing inferior images or removing from the images from pdf altogether, but that's something I very am very keen on doing. If anyone is interested in a pdf download I am willing to send them a copy of the file.

Well this is significant


Or at least it seems that way to me. You see, I've finally reached 200,000 words on Battle For Earth. Which is, well, pretty dang long and I'm not even finished yet. And considering that it's about 2.5 times as long as destiny which was previously my longest story to date that seems pretty darn impressive to my demented mind. Anyway now that I've gotten that out in the open it's time for me to drift off to sleep and venture into the lands of dreams and make believe...

Writing Update


A quick note to anyone who is a fan of my stories or flash fiction. If you haven't noticed already I've been contributing to Hutcho's monthly anthology. So be sure to check it out if you haven't already and note that I have (until now) been quietly adding links to each of my contributions on my Author Page.

California bans 'trans-panic' defense.

Just saw this today and I was a surprised no one had posted about it here. Thought it would be of interest to a lot of the folks here.

California Becomes First State to Ban Gay, Trans 'Panic' Defenses. It's sad that someone can try to justify murder for any reason, but at least this is a positive step. I was surprised, for once most of the comments seem to be positive.

Novel writing software kickstarter

Hope I'm not overstepping any bounds here, but I just thought I'd pop in and mention this since it might be of a lot of interest to folks here. I recently got the privelege to beta test a piece of online novel writing software known as Novlr. It allows you to rearrange and organize chapters as seperate documents in a manner similar to Scrivener, but has a much simpler interface. Currently, it's not very feature rich, but new features have been promised.

Offensive characters


So here and there I've been working on an as yet untitled superhero tale. I must have rewritten the beginning close to half a dozen times, and I think I've finally settled on a starting I actually like. The main problem is that I'm worried that the protagonist may be a bit too offensive. Everett is a racist, sexist, and a homophobic old man... now I know what you're thinking.. BUT I'm none of those things and by the end of the story 'Everett' won't be either.

Site-versary and an update

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Well, it looks like the anniversary of joining the site passed me by without me noticing. I've now been a member for three years and six days and let me just say I'm glad I did wind up joining the site as is often the first place I visit when I first sit down at my computer. The community is welcome and inviting and the atmosphere is unparalleled. I'd just like to add Kudos to Erin and crew for their continued work in keeping the site up and running and for maintaining said atmosphere! :D

Some helpful apps for writers

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In my daily foray into the 'interwebs' I ran across a rather helpful blog post listing 22 apps for writers which I thought I'd share here for those interested. I only personally use two of those mentioned, Scrivener and Evernote, but the others definitely seem to be worth a look.

22 Apps and Tools Every Writer Should Know About

Fun with images/story update

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I went a little hog-wild whilst writing my latest work, Battle for Earth and in addition to the usual cover images I went a bit further and created 16 character portraits to accompany the story. These aren't something that I've hand-drawn, but rather composite photos which have been extensively edited to create unique images that resemble cut out portraits. Some of them, particularly the ones I made of Duvak, Vakrexid, and Velspatt (the alien characters) were quite difficult to produce, but some of the others took less than an hour each to produce.

Questions about a human hair braclet of all things

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I've heard of jewelry and bracelets made from human hair before, but I have no actual experience with them. I know they were popular during the 18th (maybe 19th) century, but a lot of people have never even heard of them in these modern times. I don't ever intend to make such a thing or wear one, but I'm thinking of using one in my story. The tale itself is set in a dystopian future Earth where most of humanity has been enslaved by a malevolent race of aliens.

Any one living in around or is familiar with SW Alberta, CA?

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On an impulse I decided to make a change and set a small portion of my latest work Battle for Earth in the region surrounding the Canadian Rockies specifically the particular stretch in the south-western corner of Alberta. Although I'm somewhat well traveled within the United States, my journeys have not yet taken me outside of our borders. So, I'm hoping someone here could help me with that particular deficiency.


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