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TG Techie Blog: Blog 91: The Weirdness Starts

So this chapter is the start of the futanari. It's not the absolute weirdest that TG Techie is going to get, but we've just jacked the weird level through the roof.

Just so you know, futa is the ceiling. I'm not going as far as say, dick fucking, or horse cocks. If that's what you're into I don't have any judgement, it's just not where I'm taking this.

TG Techie Blog: Blog 92: Back for a bit!

Well the 3rd draft of 11th Sun is being a cocksucker and I'm in the need of a little love. TG Techie is resuming, so everyone can tell me what they thing of something. I would put all the finished drafts of 11th Sun up, but then no one would buy the book. Which would be sad.

I'm not in a great place and I need a push to keep going.

TG Techie Pinned Blog: Pokemon GO

Alright. This is a comprehensive everything on Pokemon, and Pokemon GO. An explanation of what has happened in the story so far is at the bottom of the page. This may or may not be updated, as I feel like. The text is meant to be organic and easy to read for experienced players, so if you are not one of those you may find it useful to check back here, if I have indeed updated it. There will also be a curory explanation in Chapter 21. If you're too excited to progress that far, or it still confuses you, check here.

Feeling a Slump

I'm feeling a slump lately. The words aren't coming as fast. I feel like I'm under a lot of pressure to write, and keep writing. The "muse" isn't talking to me much. I'm not sure where the story is going.

I'm sorry but for right now the release schedule for TG Techie is...

See: below the fold for important and possibly heartbreaking news

TG Techie: Blog 93: Sorry About The Bacchanal

This site isn't really here for erotica, and I get that. There are some erotic stories but by and large the content (or at least the popular content) is rated PG-13 at worst.

I'm not really a PG-13 kind of person.

So if you're reading TG Techie and you like the plot part but not the sex part, I'm sorry for that last chapter that was exclusively a bacchanal, and in which no plot moved forward. That thing about drawing a bottle will come up again, but don't worry about it if you skipped the chapter.

Seriously, What is Wrong With Me? (Vote on these boots!)

On a normal night I write between 1500 and 2500 words. But not last night. Last night, like the night before it, and the night before it, I only wrote 1,000 words.

And I know exactly why. It's because I'm an idiot and I can't stop getting in my own way.

See at this time, I'm twenty chapters ahead in TG Techie. I'm putting down that word count so that I can stay ahead. It means that I can stop the project to work on 11th Sun and still post this thing for like, three months. I need that space. Trying to grow a brand here, ya' know?

Did I just get a Cosmo?

Did I just reference a Cosmopolitan magazine in the scene I'm writing at this moment? Sure have.
Did I put down everything to google search the cover and make sure I described the issue for that month correctly? You betcha.
Did I go to the store to find that issue? Of course not. It's from several months ago, it's 3:30 AM here, and I'm at work.

TG Techie Blog 95: Rigging Joke Explanation


Yeah, what was funny about that?

Rachel asked, “Hey Regular Dave, what’s the safety factor on a couch?”

“Sixteen,” he told her. Everyone laughed.

Safety is very very important in tech. You can screw around with the design, you can jury rig what you want, as long as it's safe. The fire in the Iroqouis killed over 600 people, you don't play with that.

Call your AG about Net Neutrality!

The following states are suing the FCC to prevent their repeal of Net Neutrality:
New York
North Carolina

If you do not live in one of these states, look up your attorney general here https://t.co/f9YIu6Jqei

TG Techie Blog 97: The Stage Tech Starts Soon, I Promise

Well if you're reading TG Techie, (and if you are, thank you. You should comment more though) for the techie stuff, I'm so sorry but it's still coming. Aisling as a character is almost defined enough to move into it. Just three more chapters, and the stuff starts on the fourth. So two weeks out.

TG Techie: Chapter 5: Target missing from the front page ?

This is odd. TG Techie: Chapter 5: Target isn't on the home page, despite the fact that the chapter posted seconds later (TG Techie: Chapter 5: [XXX 1] Exploration) is. Is this a system thing from posting the two of them side by side, or did one of them get lost somewhere?

TG Techie, XXX rated content

Well I've been reading the audience here on Big Closet. The desire here seems to be for tamer content than on TGStories, or Fictionmania. That's cool and all, but I am writing porn here. And the parts of 11th Sun with XXX in the title are the most read.

I think what I'm gonna do here is post tomorrow with the trip to Target, and the bra fitting, because that's porn for a certain kind of person. Then I'll put up the next chapter immediately, instead of on Friday, which is the part where she masturbates for the first time, which is porn for another kind of person.

Schedule Changes? - Blog Entry 98

Here's the story.

I am ridiculously ahead here. Like five chapters ahead. That means that you won't see what I'm working on now for five weeks, and frankly the suspense is killing me.

So. I can change my update schedule to twice a week, and put chapters up on Tuesday and Friday mornings. And then you all can see them.


I don't think I can keep up the pace of 4,000 words twice a week, once you all have caught up to where I am.


I know that I can write 2,000 words in two days with very little problem.


32 Hours

I went to work last night, and sat down to start writing. I worked for a half hour before I had to get up and do my "job." Indistinguishable from most other nights, other than that I had been awake for 25 hours at that time.

I wrote 1,600 words before it was 4 AM and I realized that I could ad-lib lyrics to Winter Wonderland on the fly. I remember some of them

There's a pit, it is burning
There's a spit, flesh's a turning
The smell burns the air
And singes your hair,
Whisping through a waking of the damned

Something Techie Something

Well the 2nd draft of 11th Sun is done so... NEW PROJECT.

I've been looking for something around her for awhile, and haven't found it. So I'm writing it. It's gonna get weird, but not unually of weird. Just like, normal weird. Maybe a little weirder than that.

Unfortunately I haven't found the voice yet. I usually write noir, that's sort of been an accident. And I usually put a lot of comedy in, that's mostly on purpose. Comedy is how I keep my thinking sharp. There's some of that. Maybe there will be more later?

On Waking Up in the Hospital

I had a recent talk with a long-time friend who is an RN at a hospital in my home town. She told me all of the proper hospital procedures that would be followed in the common trope: boy wakes up in hospital a girl

Among them:
-A person who has been "unconscious" for longer than an hour is not "unconscious" they are comatose. Not, "You were knocked out for two days" but, "You've been in a coma for two days."

Do you like drugs in your fiction?

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So 11th Sun is about 90% of the way through its second draft. At that point posting here will go on hiatus for a couple of months. During that time I will be taking a break from thinking about it (month one) then working on the second draft (many more months) and sometime around there I'll start posting again.

During month one, with nothing to do, I'll be writing somethings else. I've been on a high school kick lately and I haven't found quite what I'm looking for, so I'm going to write it.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." -quoting Ghandi to my brother

11th Sun Book Cover

Taking a break from the comic book to work on the book cover. It's the scene on Logan's Fun where 11 is getting off the elevator and seeing the inside of the station for the fist time. From the worm eye you can see her in her dress, as she looks at the atrium in the station for the first time.

I'm going for a juxtaposition between the mundane (girl in sun dress) and the fantastic (space station). Should look pretty fucking cool.

11th Sun Comic Book Introduction

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This all started as a lark.

I'd abandoned another project after my partner dropped out and stopped messaging me for two months. Not arting is something I don't do, so I started writing 11th Sun (then called Eleven) on a whim, expecting it to clock in at 20,000 words or so.

The rough draft was 100,000 words, and I finished it two months later.

But this idea is around 7 years old now (that's why Eleven shares a name with the character from Stranger Things. Had I known I might have changed it, I might not.), and I had long plans.

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