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I hit a big one today!


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April 1... April Fool’s Day. I find the day to be quite appropriate and feel blessed that it is my birthday. It gives me an excuse to be wacky... what else could you expect from someone born on April Fool’s Day? Today I hit another milestone, one I never expected to see... the big 70. Hopefully my muse will wake up this year!

Merry Christmas!

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I’ve always been TG but never had a chance to express or explore that part of me. Back in the 60s it just wasn’t done much less tolerated. Born physically male I had mixed signals my first 3 years, I was the third child, a 6 year older brother and what would have been a 4 year older sister if she’d lived. My mom used me to fill her loss... until my sister was born when I was 3. Suddenly I had to become all boy.

Just posted the last part of Alone Togther

Just posted the last part. I hope everyone took the time to view the inserted videos. They truly were my inspiration for the story. They are very moving, the Sound of Silence pulled my heart as did We're not going to take it. Both are emotional and from the heart.

Helping BC & writing milestone for me....


Just posted the Chapter 53 of Time on My Hands, this is the 1 year anniversary of it's start. I hope you've been enjoying it.

Second item is I started a part time job driving school buses this week. It's been rough getting up early for the morning run after 2 1/2 years of retirement & sleeping in.

As I've promised to Erin, I'm going to double my Patron donation using part of the pay. I'm doing my best to support BC and urge others to do the same.



Made a mistake in my saga. Last week I forgot to mark the posted chapter in my master file as being posted. So I accidentally reposted it. I'd like to thank Beoca for PMing to let me know. It has been corrected about 2:15.

I've been working on an entry for the January Contest and wasn't paying attention to Time on My Hands. I'm currently working on Chapter 69. It's getting towards the end, honestly!

I'm such a fool...

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I just returned home from overeating at a local Chinese all you can eat buffet. The food is great 7 the place is clean. First plate was 10 shrimp, 2 fish fillets, 2 lobster rolls and crab/cheese casserole. Second plate was a slice of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy with meat balls and broccoli & cheese casserole. Third plate was a slice of cheese cake, a piece of chocolate cake, a slice of pineapple, and an orange wedge. Fourth plate (8") was peach slices and 3 halved bananas covered in cherry sauce. That was buried in 2 inches of chocolate soft serve ice cream topped with peanuts.

Time on my hands...

The first chapter is up. I hope it's tantalizing as I have 21 more ready to go. It's been slow writing because I tend to get a bit anal about details so my research is extensive and often side tracks me. I also use real places and will be listing Google map coordinates for those who might want to check out locations.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy new year commentray & wishes

Much of 2017 has felt as if we’d been sucked up into a tornado like Dorothy. In my 66 years of experience, this has been the world wackiest year ever. Trump is a fiasco, but despite his goofiness I still feel he’s a better choice than Hillary. I really wanted Bernie but a certain primadonna cheated him out of a fair primary. I hope the true Christians, those that believe in love not condemnation, rally to shut up those far right wing blasphemers. I hope the love Jesus has for everyone, especially those on the fringes of society, dominates the new year.



I'm challenging everyone....

I retired after a sextuple bypass surgery last May. I've been getting by on Social Security spoual survivor. Next month I begin MY Social Security. Needless to say my funds are tight.

However, Big Closet is important to me. So important I,m willing to tap into my personal IRA retirement funds to do so.

I sent $250 on 3/17. After Erin's plea I just decided to again send $250. I'm not bragging... I'm saying that Big Closet is that important to me... and I hope for you!

Please support BC!

A puzzling thought about LGBT


An idea has been percolating inside my slightly warped brain. Well, maybe I'm a quite a bit warped. You decide.

When I was a kid sixty years ago there was little evidence of LGBT. I only knew of Christine Jorgenson and in the sisties a movie 'I want what I want'.

Anyway, here is my weird hypothesis:

With the rapidly burgeoning world population and the seeming lack of will to control it, perhaps the swelling LGBT ranks is simply a bit of natural selection to curb population growth. LGBT couples could adopt the unwanted/excess births to fulfill family desires.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov. 20, 2016

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The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20, 2016.

For my locality there is a rembrance service on Nov 19. It's quite an emotional experience. I urge everyone who can to check your local LGBT sites for local services. While heart wrenching, it's well worth the experience. Considering the potential political upheaval we all need to be aware.

Please... go if you can.

story contests?????


I missed the notice for the August and September story contests. I can not find any notices. Even clicking on the heading 'September Story Contest' in the story heading only takes you to a listing of the stories submitted, not what the story contest is about.

Is it possible to put the contest description under the heading or is there some other way to keep the info up so those of us who miss the initial posting have a chance to get in on the competitions?

Thank you

Update on open heart surgery.

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According to my doctor my recovery from the 6 bypass is on track. However, I've never been one to sit and take it easy. While I can get around and take care of myself, I'm restricted in exertions. As an avid kayaker, I'm totally frustrated. This in turn has led to something I've seldom encountered and even then only briefly... depression. I can now see how it can bury people.

I survived

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Your thoughts and prayers greatly helped.

My last blog I stated I was going into the hospital for a triple bypass open heart surgery.

However, I never do things half way. When they opened me up they discovered I needed 6 bypasses.

Needless to say my surgery was bit more complicated than anticipated. I spent 8 days hospitalized before being discharged.

My youngest sister took a week away from work to assist me at home. Her assistance was greatly appreciated and made my return easier. Sis returned home yesterday and my daughter arrived today to help'

Getting a bit nervous...

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Last Wednesday at work I was revamping office/store space where I work. I was short of breath the entire 5 hours. I wrote it off to being out of shape from having my left knee replaced in December and putting on some weight during recovery. My co-workers told me to go get checked out. Since I've been going to the gym twice a week (spending 1/2 hour on the rowing machine plus other stuff) I decided to see the doc thinking I might be coming down with bronchitis.

Has the Whatley website closed?

I recently began reading the Whatley Academy stories on the site. Somehow I missed the universe when it came out and have read the first dozen stories. I'd like to read the rest.

Unfortunately since Friday I've been unable to access the site getting WEBPAGE CAN NOT BE FOUND.

Does anyone know if the site is down?

Does anyone know an alternate site!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Let it snow

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I live about 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Over the weekend we had a bit of snow... the local paper claims 31 inches. Needless to say I was snowed in but fortunately never lost electric power. Physically, it was quite tough on me.

In 2000 I had a total right knee replacement. November 2104 I had a spinal laminectromy, and in December I had a total left knee replacement. Fortunately I have a snowblower but still spent 7 hours digging out. Needless to say my new knee wasn't too happy with me. No damage, just ache & fatigue.

Possible delay in Quoth the Raven


I'm trying to post chapters on Mondays and Thursdays.
At noon tomorrow I'm going to have a total left knee replacement. I'm not worried about it since I had the right knee replaced 15 years ago (the 9th surgery on that knee over 30 years) so I'm not unduly concerned about this surgery. I've lived alone since my wife passed away, but I had the fixed the house for handicap accessibility since she was virtually bedridden for 9 years. So now the house is set up fro easy movement and the refrigerator is well stocked. I expect to be released and home Thursday afternoon.

East coast meeting in NJ


I attended the meeting on Sat 11/1. I had a great time and met the most wonderful people. Erin, Piper (Amy and Ninja Baby), Cat, and Becky left me awed by their tech abilities and all they do for BC. I admire them and must confess to a bit of jealousy that they can at least sometimes openly express their inner self. The conversation was vibrant and jovial. No one asked personal questions but we were free to share our interests and background.

February contest question

I read about the contest but didn't have any inspiration. Finally it hit and I think I might have a story. However, I can't find the description of the 'February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Story" to make sure my idea fits. When I click on the 'February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Story' label in a story it takes me to a page listing the entries but not the contest itself. In my computer illiteracy am I missing the link?

I've run into this a few times before on other contests.

Is there anyway you can put up a link to the contest requirements?


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