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Two and a half decades in the writing

New story up

There's got to be a story here

Gentleman at Safeway


Kaiser's restroom sign


If it was your husband Thank You’s

If It Was Your Husband, 17 & 18 -- penultimate posting

Question for Drupal experts

If It Was Your Husband concerns

Transgender Teen Fashion Shoot

IIWYH 5 & 6 is up

Gurl... am I alone in this?

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If It Was Your Husband 1 & 2 of 20 is up

About "If It Was Your Husband"

The Story that just kept telling itself. == Story length question

New Story posted

Well, I've done it. Written a story that takes place in london... native speaker needed.

Women wearing pants (trousers )

My "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" entry

I just posted my entry for the "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" challenge. It weighs in at 21010 words. That's just about what I can read in a single setting. I hope you all are comfortable with that.

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Wack a mole time again.

Has the site been hacked?

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Sinemet: Can I Buy

Submitted by stubbornnessflush on Sun, 2023/01/15 - 3:47pm

Has the site been hacked? The "Enter Site" link takes you to is external)
The "want to buy sinemet" link takes you to is external)

Sinemet is a drug used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's.


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Looking for a story

The story is about a cross-dresser who goes out for an evening drive all dressed up. Stops in a remote place and is abducted by aliens. There is a discussion with the aliens that concludes with them "helping" him by correcting an anomaly in him. They release him and he finds out that he is now a she. The final line in the story is him/her wondering how he/she will explain it to his/her wife...

I think the author may be Valentina Michelle Smith, but I can't be sure.

Need help setting up and organizational page


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