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Need help from Julie Jordon, Sapphire Stevens, Monica Rose, Beth Moody and Joyce Melton.

Help needed from Julie Jordon, Sapphire Stevens, Monica Rose, Beth Moody and Joyce Melton. I'm currently locked out of my Facebook account and need to "Call or talk to my Facebook friends and ask them to go to and get me a code to prove who I am.

Since I don't ever see any of you and don't have your phone numbers I can't do that. I don't know if I can get it done this way or not but it's the only way I can think of to do it.

Disappearing Blog

OK, I was reading a blog about Althea Garrison. I was intrigued by it and opened other tabs in my browser to find out more. I came back to the tab with the blog entry in it and attempted to comment. When I clicked on the "comment" link the "comment page could not be found."

I then loaded a fresh BCTS home page and the blog entry was no longer there.

At any rate, I was only going to add a link to the Boston Herald story.

Connecting with main stream authors

I'm hooked up with a thing called "Instant Freebie" and get a lot of free eBooks through that. One of the authors sends out a news letter sent out an invitation to get to know you. She gave a little information about herself and then invited me to contact her via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. She included her email address.

I emailed her, explaining that I didn't really use social media all that much, so I was emailing. I'll insert come excerpts from the exchange. After giving some (very little) information about me and my family, I wrote:

Size Of Your Pointer And Ring

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I've just read an interesting web site that reverses what I've always thought. My ring finger is longer than my index (pointer) finger. WIN_20180130_21_37_54_Pro.jpgI was raised under the impression that was a masculine trait. However, I was reading an article entitled, "How to Tell If You Are Transgendered," by Melanie Anne Phillips, which said ring finger and index finger same length (men have a noticeably longer index finger)

Change in meds

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I had been on spironolactone at 300 Mg per day. Unfortunately, my kidneys objected to that high a dose. I spent three week sans meds and tried again. Even at the low dosage of 50 mg my kidneys showed signs of reacting. The doctor changed me to finasteride at 5 mg per day.

White Christmas

Well, my wife has always said she wished she lived somewhere where it snowed. And I've always been fond of a white Christmas. Well we move to a small town in the foot hills of the Oregon Coast range. So here it is, Christmas Eve and we have snow on the ground.

Looks like a white Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


OK, I'm confused. The front page seems to have undergone a major reformatting? Is this intentional? Or is it some sort of glitch.

It's extremely (IMNSHO) more difficult to find the content you want. And the sidebar listing of blog postings is gone, but not the comments. I much prefer the recent blog post in the sidebar.

Gotta love the complements

I was in town for my usual weekly electrolysis treatment. Since we live 40 miles out of town we try take care of multiple errands when ever we're there. As a result, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things to save a trip into town later. While I stopped to sample some new brand of chili, a lady stopped to tell me how much she liked my blouse. :o)


Gotta love the compliment.

Interesting couple of weeks

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Well, the last weekend of September we had our house painted. We moved in last March and have been waiting on weather to paint. First it was too wet, then too hot. Finally we got a spell of weather that was dry and moderate temperature. My pastor and his son have had a painting business in the past and had all the equipment to spray it. I was an amazing day. I've only painted with roller and brush. If I had done it that way, it would have been two weeks worth of work. As it was they showed up at ten minutes after eight in the morning.

Attention Erin and BCTS crew


I've just posted The Mystery of the Girl in the Garden, By Andrea. This one includes art work. I some how had forgotten that I posted the story before, sans art work. I thought had only posted links to my defunct web site. Is there anyway you guys can delete the older version. While you're at it you may as well delete all the other old Petticoat Detective Adventure series as I will be posting the full versions.

A Petticoat Detective Squad Adventure


Today I've posted the first of the Petticoat Detective Squad Adventure series. When I first posted these on my now defunct web site, I Americanized the spelling, but here I have left them exactly as written. I intend this as a kind of memorial for Andrea.

I will endeavor to format and post one story a week. I hope you enjoy them.


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I know that many of you here are on Spironolactone. I've just been prescribed Spironolactone and I see it's primarily used to reduce high blood pressure. This has me concerned because I already take Atenolol for blood pressure. Were any of you on another blood pressure med before going on Spironolactone? If so, did your doctor alter you blood pressure med?

Thank you ma'am

Well, I've got to give Kaiser top marks again. A while back, I decided I'd like to explore a transition of sorts. While I'm sure I'll never seek bottom surgery, since I've retired, I have no need to wear men's clothes again. So in anticipation of that, I wanted to see just what kind of development I could induce on my chest. To that end, I asked my PCP (primary care physician) for an estrogen prescription. She referred me to the "Gender Pathways" clinic. After an interview with that doctor in charge of the and reviewing the permission documentation I got that prescription.


I just tried to log onto Fictionmania and got this.

Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Learn more…

Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites

I know that there are other Firefox users here. Have any of you gotten this message?

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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Family sharing requires that we have our family Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve this year, so my daughter and son-in-law can visit his parents in Lincoln City on Christmas. So we are busy this morning getting the dinner ready for this afternoon.

Girly glasses, girly shoes and an expanding ponytail holder.

In a comment to my blog, "Acceptable shoes" someone accused me of pushing the envelope and I freely admitted doing so. The "push the envelope" bug has bitten me again.

New Glasses


2016-06-26 14.29.31.jpg

When I got new glasses last month, I decided to do something I've wanted to for years. I got myself a pair of girly glasses. (Pictured above.) When I go out as me, which I do often, it helps people recognize that I'm feminine.

Mellowed with age...

Over the past couple of decades, I've been weeding the men's clothes out of my wardrobe. First went the underwear, then little by little the outer wear was replaced with items from the women's rack. At the present time, I only have one outfit that is strictly men's clothes. I'm hanging on to that as I, twice a year, go drab for my wife. Once on her birthday and again on our anniversary.

Women Love Movies Weekend

I has to work today, a record hot day in the Portland, OR metro area. When I came home, I slipped into a lightweight skirt and cotton blouse to enjoy the cool air conditioned living room. My wife offered to let me choose what TV channel to watch. After a quick scan, the listings showed me that "Sister Act" was just starting on ION so I opted to watch that, since I've always liked the movie. As it got over I saw that "Sister Act Two" was airing. Having never seen it, I decided to watch it.

How Should Christians Respond to Target’s Bathroom Policy?

My wife had this pop up on her Facebook page.

How Should Christians Respond to Target’s Bathroom Policy?

While the lady isn't in favor of Target's policy, she is very reasonable about her feelings on it and speaks with a clear head, leaving out the knee-jerk response that the other vocal Christians scream with.

I encourage you to read this. If all Christians had this attitude then there would be a lot less angst regarding bathroom use.

REACHit to the rescue

For those of you who deign to read my blog, you may remember how I was having trouble getting to file share between my Laptop and my Desktop computers. I'm not much into cloud services so I passed on that suggestion.

However, poking around on my Lenovo Y700 I discovered a program called "REACHit" It purported give you access to files on all your devices on your local network without using the internet.

Opinions please... Bathroom debate

This showed up on my wife's Facebook page. She asked my opinion of it and I looked it over and thought, "What would the gang at BCTS think?"

Transgender in Women's Bathroom (Social Experiment)

Let me know if you feel this was a fair experiment or does this guy have an agenda and is he trying to appear sympathetic while joining the anti trans bathroom argument?

Painted Ladies, by P R Ellis

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I've just finished reading "Painted Ladies" by P R Ellis. Even without a transgender main character, it is a good police/detective story. For those of us in this community, the transgender heroine is frosting on the cake.

Formating error apology

My apologies to all who had trouble reading "Dumb bet" because of the excessive use of italics. When I went to format the file for posting, I messed up and put an <em> where a </em> should have been. The result was the rest of the story pretty much was in italics. Sorry. I use italics to denote a persons thoughts and only sparingly to add emphasis to a word. The only other time I use italics is if I insert an authors note.

I've finished another one

OK, I've managed to finish, and thanks to Alys9, have edited another offering for BCTS.

"Dumb Bet" is finally up. I started this story some three years ago and thanks to some gentle prodding, I picked it up again and managed to finish it. Then, I got lucky and found an editor who managed to persuade me to correct some of the errors. I'm afraid, that I did reject a few of her suggestions, so if you see anything amiss, it's all my fault.

Playing with my new laptop -- HELP needed from techno-geeks

OK, so my wife and I are looking forward to my retirement in just over a year. We are already having computer sharing issues evenings and weekends. When I retire, this will only compound so while we can still afford it, we decided to get a laptop. Something I never envisioned I'd ever need. Wanting to get something that wouldn't be obsolete by the time I retire, I decided to go big.


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