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More Tammy in production

To answer a few queries, yes I am alive and back at the keyboard after a long summer & autumn schedule. One of my recent tasks was to start a new Tammy story and I really needed this going before Christmas so that is now in production and the first chapter is looking finished. One lucky person has already seen the first draft of the text but there's been a title chance and some heavy editing since that text was seen.

Unaccounted Gains & Eve

The first two books in the Unaccounted Gains series are still available on Kindle (at a reduced price) whilst work continues on a new book.

There's one more chapter of Eve to come and that concludes Book 1 (properly this time!). There may be a Book 2 - but I have other priorities right now!



I was going through my files today and came across a folder I clearly hadn't looked in for a few years. I have six unpublished chapters which I will put together as a single story, it won't be a Book 2 but more of a conclusion to the existing book.

Tammy, meanwhile, is taking a break while I think about some new stories.


Tammy's end!

Finally, I have published the final chapter of Tammy:It's Complicated

Sorry for the delay, but my muse went for a very long walk and it was only this morning that I felt sure I could put together a decent chapter - although that's for everyone to decide!

Meanwhile, it'll be a while before the next Tammy series (which has no title yet), but I'll first return to work on Unaccounted Gains


"Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?"

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On Thursday evening (BBC2 9pm) a programme will be aired in the UK that will appeal to transphobes across the planet. Discredited Dr Kenneth Zucker is quoted as an expert concerning young (pre-teen & teen) transgendered children. One suggestion is:
“A four-year-old might say he wants to be a dog. But do you go out and buy him dog food?”

Mermaids is said to be very concerned and were not asked to participate in the programme.


It would seem that my block has been lifted, earlier today a great flow of words and plot lines started to fall out of my fingers, landing on the keyboard.

Why today? Why not yesterday or any time in the past few months? Well, today I was having a Onesie day, having bought the thing yesterday. Maybe that was it, maybe not. Anyway, chapter 34 of Tammy: Anchored should be on the stand shortly (just need to proof it again!)


Back on dry land

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For the last 2 weeks I've been production assistant on a floating radio station, and on Sunday the station closed down until Summer 2017.

It's been an interesting existence, being on board the ship shortly after 0700 and leaving for my bed just after midnight each day. I did manage to get home usually for a few hours early eve, so it wasn't quite a 17 hour day. The ship is moored in harbour with a gangway straight onto the quayside so no strange gymnastics to get aboard. It's also about 10 mins walk from home, so easy logistics.

Busy week

Today's my last day off for a while as I'm involved with a 24hr 'pirate' radio station for the next 2 weeks, co-ordinating the media and social media.

I've sat down to do some writing and the next Anchored (#32) will be out later, after another proof-read, whilst #33 is almost done. That one will be out mid-week but #34 might have to wait for another spare day, whenever that is.


Almost back to normal

Anchored 21 is finally finished! I started it a few weeks ago but haven't had any spare time.

In the two weeks + , since we moved in, the place has undergone a transformation and is now properly a home. There are some niggles but they are minor.

Finally on Monday we get our fibre connected and rejoin the online world without fear of using up my phone's data allowance (my daughter managed a month's allowance in 2 days!!)


Settling in

My daughter and I have been at our new home for just over a week. One of the best aspects of the property is the garden and patio behind the house. Today I enjoyed planting herbs and a few flowers after spending a few days clearing the undergrowth. Over this weekend we'll host a housewarming with my family.

So, we're getting there.


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I finally received my keys to the new place today. That meant a day of moving furniture and trying to get at least the kitchen into a working state. We failed on that but a singular carton of milk is spending the night in the fridge which is humming on the lowest possible setting. Shopping for food will happen on Wednesday!

I reckon I'll be able to cook from tomorrow (once I have food!) so the focus will move to the bathrooms (supplies & cleaning) then to my bedroom.

The new place

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I agreed the rent with the new landlord yesterday, all bar £2 is covered by the local council housing department so that just leaves utilities. I also now have a moving in date - 1st June. My daughter is going to spend a few days with my mother and I'll remain in the hotel (we'll need the room Mon/Tues next week so don't want to give it up yet!)

No word on the clothes etc, so I'm chasing that today. I'm also chasing why the UK TV licensing lot have taken my money twice (television not trans!).


Moving day (sort of)

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Some ten days ago it was agreed that I could collect all my remaining possessions from my former apartment on an appointed day.

That was today amd I should have guessed that a few things wouldn't go to plan. It started when no-one arrived at 0900 except myself and my uncle. I called the agency, left a message and got a call back after a few minutes - the usual agent was on his way but hadn't expected to be there today, there was a mis-communication between himself and the owner apparently. That was the first problem, as he arrived he suggested there was another issue.

Moving forward

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I've been waiting for some good news and it looked at one point today that my waiting was in vain.

I had hoped that my prospective landlord would have made his mind up by now but that hadn't happened. While I was with him, however, my daughter turned up and then a man with a van arrived. I asked about renting the van for Monday morning when I need to empty the flat and he asked where it needed to go so I suggested the large ground floor living room at the vacant property. That finally prompted the decision - the place is ours!


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The fingers have been back at the keyboard this week so I must be feeling a bit less stressed. Last weekend was just hell for me, one of the lowest places I've ever been. Anyway, pulled myself back from the brink, did the paperwork that the housing folks were demanding and it seems to have worked, sort of.

Bad Day +3

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It's been a little challenging since my last blog.

I had been waiting for an email back from the housing services lady and I sent a chaser email on Thursday morning, copied to a general inbox. With nothing heard I headed out just before midday. Only now did I receive an email reply asking if I had been to see the outreach officer in the local job centre. I queried this, given I had supplied all the documents requested. She insisted and said we would be thrown out of the hotel if I didn't.

Bad Day +1

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So my situation isn't brilliant but the help is starting to happen, or at least tiny steps towards proper help.

My daughter had been allowed time off school this morning but it wouldn't have achieved anything o she went in and had breakfast in the canteen, the school has allowed free meals for her in the interim. As she didn't have access to her phone charger one of the staff arranged charging facilities. I had a job this morning, whilst it wouldn't be a priority it did generate some cash for the one hour I was there (idiot locked himself out of Windows 10 machine).


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