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Looking for a story

Looking for a story hope you can help.
Story sypnosis
Young Trans doctor working somewhere in the far east at a womens clinic meets and falls in love and marries a high ranking officer from an american base.
They have 4 children by 2 different surrogates, children are brought up as girls and tought martial arts by their kindly next door neighbour.
They eventually go back to the U.S.A. one of the girls is a brilliant mechanic and car builder and one seems to be some type of crime fighter thats all that I can remberer.

Missing chapters

Just been readind airforce sweetheart by T D Aldoedenneti chapters 1-14 where brilliant went to read chapter 15 all I got was this chapter is no words long checked all the other chapters in the story got the same message no words long can anybody tell me why as other users of this site have left comments on these chapters so they must have been there at sometime in the past if these chapters have been removed surely this dishonours his or her memory as I am sure the author would want us to carry on reading their stories.

Help looking for a movie

Hi all
In the 1980s I saw a movie story sypnosis young French boy discovers he is TG sometime in the 50s mother helps him become her found her way to Paris and ended up working in either Madam Arthur's or le caurosel cannot remember if the film was about coccinelle or capucine can anybody help with film title.


Missing story


I have been reading a story called TIME ON MY HANDS noticed that there was a new chapter just before I went to bed last night, thought I would leave it to read this morning.
So this morning when I got up Thought I would start reading said story but when I searched for the story last night's chapter and all previous chapters are missing can anybody tell me what has happened to it.

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