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Castaways Commentary

There is some apparent confusion over the ending of Castaways, so I figured I would clear it up. Castaways is about a teenage girl and boy stuck on an island after a tragic airplane accident. With no rescue coming, Alex struggles with the scenario of being stuck with a guy that has no interest in her for the rest of her days.

The Wish Commentary

The last thing I want is for readers to feel confused and then not enjoy a fic, so I decided to put down some questions readers might have about The Wish. Some readers may not have any questions at all and completely understand my intent and that's cool too. Spoiler warning starts now:

1. Is this my Christmas Wish submission?: A bit undecided about that, but I do believe I can deliver a heavier story. The inspiration for The Wish came to me within the last few days. Also, I like to leave open the option of posting this on another site, so as for right now, no.

FTM Writing Difficulty

I have found that the writing of FTM stories are greatly more challenging than their MTF counterparts. By this, I exclude body/mind swaps and stories that include both MTF and FTM at the same time. I mean exclusively a story that features two straight female friends and one of them ends up a straight male by the end of the story. I will try to sum up the difficulty in writing this kind of story and why they are so rare.

The Black Ring: Commentary


The Black Ring is mental fantasy. Dissociative Disorder or "multi-personality" disorder is not clearly understood. Some in psychiatry doubt whether it even exists. I decided to use multi-personality disorder in this story after being inspired by a number of TG works that featured a "spirit" or "ghost" of the female gender in a male body and vice versa. I was also inspired by the movie Me, Myself, and Irene starring Jim Carrey and A Beautiful Mind starring Russel Crowe.

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