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I've managed to get off the next chapter of porn before my trip to the hinter lands. Hopefully I corrected enough spellings and kept the continuity straight. I normally only do one picture with my tales but I've gotten these apps for the iPad and I've been having loads of fun playing with the photos.

The Family Girl #85: Napa Valley Forest Fires


The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #85: 2017 Napa Valley Forest Fires

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
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Hello, everyone. I’m sure you’ve been hearing about all the forest fires happening in the States.

About Gwen Brown.

I just spoke with her. She is fine, just very disillusioned about a lot of things she's taken for granted before.

She is okay though. No concerns about her physical health at all. There is a matter, about which I will be speaking with Erin though.

Catherine Linda Michel

DopplerPress books by Snowfall on Kindle

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Larry Bekins has problems, but maybe he can cook up a way to make things better.

Kyle is a small quiet boy in middle school with a BIG problem. Can a rare solution solve things?
Don wants to pursue a career in Voice Acting and has been training himself. He's even developed some feminine character voices.
All now available on Kindle through Snowfall's Amazon page: Snowfall on Kindle

Kindle UK
Kindle CA

Summer Loving - part the third

Well I had to burn the midnight oil - in fact I finished the writing @ 11.30 last night, but I have now completed the next part of this 21st Gaby book - Summer Loving! It is of course available in the usual formats, follow the links to get your copy now!

Hollywood Studios Grew a Brain!

It looks like the studios finally grew a brain about the fact that the fractured digital landscape with buying movies electronically was actually hurting them.

Walt Disney Studios
Sony Picture Entertainment
20th Century Fox
Universal Studios
Warner Bros. Entertainment

No Twin Tails This Week

Yeah, after one of my fellow players was a no-show last night and the GM was blasted from work, we took a break from the game last night. Unfortunately, this means no new Twin Tails for another two weeks. Not ideal but these things happen.

On the bright side, I'll be able to concentrate on Hold the Salt editing this week, which means I'm getting closer to finishing Fate and the Iron Tiger. I also got a start on a prequel to Twin Tails and I'm poking at a vampire story for Halloween that, knowing my luck with Halloween stories, won't come out for Halloween.

A Second Chance

Just a note to let fans know that I will post the awaited Sleepover chapter tomorrow morning, so that it does not interfere with those of you who will be awaiting Snowfall's theme park story Venture Realm. (I know I will be hitting the refresh button every two minutes around 9 p.m. est until it appears).



I wish to thank all those who have commented on my ongoing romcomdram 'Andi and Allie'. Unfortunately I've not the time to respond to any of the very kind words written by the commenters. But I do thank all of you none-the-less. I am gratified by the reception this tale has received. Unfortunately, in a rush to post at least one or two more chapters before next Monday, the art work will be scant. I am going on a 'vacation' with my brood and won't be back until the following Sunday.

having an unlikable protagonist

okay, just for fun, I want to talk about making an unlikable protagonist.

Now, most stories dont do this. After all, the protagonist is usually supposed to be someone the audience cheers for.

But some stories do have an unlikable protagonist, so lets see if we can find out how that can work.

Why I write

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Someone else posted about why they write and it got me thinking. I wrote the following as a reply to their post but it seemed somehow wrong (maybe egotistical?) to put this as a reply when they did not really ask others why they wrote. That being said, I would love nothing more than to hear others reasons for writing what the wonderful people here enjoy reading so much.

A Free Lawyer

Well I'm pretty certain I need a lawyer now. Preferably one who is free because I have $60.

My cousin is refusing to get involved with the house at all now. He's officially having it declared insolvent. On advisement from his "solicitor". I'm also being told to vacate the property ASAP.

I told the bastard I have no money and no place to go but I don't think he cares. I want to sue him though because for the last three years, he promised to pay me for taking care of HIS MOTHER.

Not Good

So I know I told everyone about my life, what's been happening and how I've been coping with it all. Well I'm writing this to say that I'm not coping with it any longer. I can't do this anymore. Everyone around me are liars, cheats and fucking cocksuckers. I'm not apologizing for the language, the tags are appropriate.

Everything was simple once.

Psyren's Redemption serial (name reveal)

The latest part is up.

Well, we finally found out what Everett's new name is. I wonder, were any of you able to guess what it was?

Please take a minute to leave a comment. It really helps motivate me to continue!

Blog Entry 8th October 2017- the D-side

No song this time (even though it's been three months since my last update).

Roughly fifteen months ago, a new user by the name of Kris Traverse sent me a private message on here expressing her appreciation for my stories and asking for support in writing her own story.

Recent novel final chapter

I posted the final chapter of “Rosemary” and as much as I want to like it I feel like it’s incomplete.
Maybe I could have shown more, but there are things that the narrator just doesn’t know so she can’t connect or comment to us about it at the time

The dad doesn’t express a lot of lovey-Dovey feelings; a thing actually shared with the male side of my family-so it’s included here as well.

Dark Tone for a lighter story


I started writing my next story and am not liking how its tone is turning out. It'll be me darkest story yet, dealing with sexual assault, child prostitution, pedophiles, and your typical run of the mill neglect and abuse. Then there's the violence that has to occur, especially as I want to show just how tough life is on the street for kids all alone in the world. I guess this is my adulation to those who are truly alone in the world, even if it's only part of my story.


In the latest chapter of the 'And and Allie' tale, a picture of a purse is displayed. More than a few years ago a coworker came to me. He was very upset. He stated that he spent a considerable amount on a purse for his wife. He mentioned that he saw it at the mall and felt compelled to purchase it because it reminded him of his beloved.

The other shoe has dropped

Justice Dept. Says Law Doesn’t Bar Transgender Discrimination

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday ordered the Justice Department to take the position in court cases that transgender people are not protected by a civil rights law that bans workplace discrimination based on sex. The move was the Trump administration’s latest contraction of the Obama-era approach to civil rights enforcement.

A new non TG story and a TG teaser

Another non TG story is or will soon be on my Amazon home page. This one is Children of Albion, (Elaeth's Dream). This is another reminder that the book is not TG but an historical novel set in 40BC.
But later today, (Friday) I will be posting another teaser from the short stories I am publishing as an anthology later in the year which is TG. The pace to this is a little different to that of Latex Lady but the TG element comes out early in the tale. Another teaser from this series will follow next week and soon Vol Four of Footprints in the Sea.

Progress and story ideas.

Hello everyone,

I hoped I would be more active the last two weeks. As always life gets in the way. Or to be more specific books and stories of authors.
My progress is already slow as I usually only write on my daily commute (by train mind you). That time is contested by books to read and the last two weeks they have won. Which I don't mind as they are a great way to inspire yourself.

Finally, New Twin Tails


Sorry for the delay but Twin Tails C7-8 is finally out. I had to update it twice with minor tweaks after I posted it, but they're quite minor additions.

I had a depressive episode last week which delayed my projects as well as the release of Path of Fire for Guild Wars 2, which has gotten me back into the MMO for a bit. Hold the Salt is still being edited and will be re-released, I don't have a due date but it's progressing. After that, I'll be finishing Fate and the Iron Tiger. From there, I'm not sure what will be next but I'll be getting on with something.

did my human book thing

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okay so I did my human book thing, and I think it went well. I got thanked by several of the students as well as the organizers for my participation.

Only bad thing was after it was over, it was only noon, but I basically had just enough spoons to get home, take my dog for a walk, and then I was done ...

Interesting couple of weeks

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Well, the last weekend of September we had our house painted. We moved in last March and have been waiting on weather to paint. First it was too wet, then too hot. Finally we got a spell of weather that was dry and moderate temperature. My pastor and his son have had a painting business in the past and had all the equipment to spray it. I was an amazing day. I've only painted with roller and brush. If I had done it that way, it would have been two weeks worth of work. As it was they showed up at ten minutes after eight in the morning.

Life and Health update

This post has been a long time coming.

My life has been very very busy the last month or so. Preparing for Vacation at the beginning of next month. New job as a Teachers Aide at a Preschool taking up a lot of my time. My cancer is in Remission(didnt post about it on here cause I forgot) after 7 months of battling. Im babysitting a girl in the Preschool class that I teach this weekend and we're going to see the My little Pony movie.

As for my writing, I'm taking a break from it because I have no motivation to write and I just have no time to right now unfortunately.

Serious Side effects of Medication

My doctor recently upped my trintellix to 30 mg and now instead of just the occasional nasea it’s all the time with a lot to vomiting usually after I eat at least 25% of the time and the rest is just random times throughout the day. It does help some with the depression and may even help with weight loss with all the vomiting I’ve been doing. I’m not sure what to do, is this medication worth it?

The 'Tax' on being different

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This video blog on the BBC is quite illuminating.

Firstly, the narrator is Transgendered and a PHD.
She talks about the monetary cost of being a woman in business today.
She puts it at $250K over a lifetime. (how much worse will it be for M2F transpeople?)

Halloween coming up


Started a Halloween last year for 2016. Yep, it fizzled out and sits there on the computer staring at me daring me to touch it. I've hit it a couple times this past six months and added a couple pages. A couple pages! This is something new to me this past couple years. I never had to think about a story as they flowed from the keyboard to the screen and then memory.

BUT..., this isn't about me and my poor pathetic depleted mind. It is a reminder to all you writers Halloween is just around the corner. You still have time unless, you're burnt out like me, to put together a story.

I am going to be a human book.

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I have volunteered with The University of Alberta department of Medicine as a "human book" - basically a way for medical students a chance to meet some real people who might be their patients in a few years, and in this case help them understand the needs of the LGBT community.

I went to the orientation today, and tomorrow morning I will be available for the students to speak

Wish me luck ...

its Wednesday which is Gaby day!

and here it is, Dash For It.

I'm still wrestling with Nena's holiday snaps, I don't have the photo editing suite I used to have and what I do have is pretty useless which makes any graphics stuff more work than it need be. I will sort it out but please bear with me.

Bian - Return to a World of Difference

I reposted the book page of Bian today with a new title Bian - Book 1 - The Bright Road. This is in advance of new chapters of Book 2 - Three Walls that will soon start posting. Current plan is one or two chapters a week.

While I haven't been writing just story chapters since book one finished posting, I have been working on world design and I now know more about such distant places as Yezbuul and Altarema, Preuz and Fars-Hind. And more about characters like Lilakatye, Ur-Alenna, Rotgar and Henrik Blodde.

Weekly superhero Psyren's Redemption newest part up

The latest part is up.

In this one Everett Howard, urged by Agent van den Broeke, chooses a new name. I was a bit of a tease this time around as his new moniker isn't actually spoken or mentioned in this part of the story. That being said there are enough clues to figure out what it is.

As always, I strongly encourage that people leave a comment. It really helps encourage me and motivate me to continue! Perhaps, you could make your guess as to what Everett's new name might be.

Resurgence: An Awakened Novel

Resurgence.jpgFate could be unmercifully cruel. At least, that's what Ashley Flynn thought when his parents were taken from him in a deadly car crash at the age of fourteen. He never anticipated that what came after would easily be one of the most terrifying times of his young life. And yet somehow, he was able to survive. After enduring constant pain, humiliation, and fear for years, Ashley finally found the strength to do what needed to be done to escape from the living nightmare that had become his daily existence...

...Only to realize that fate wasn't even close to being done with him yet.

My new book, Resurgence, has just gone live on Amazon so please check it out here

Quiet, but Alive

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All -

I've had a couple of folk inquiring about stories, and one kind soul asking if I'm okay.

Yes, I'm okay. Not as well as I'd like, but safely functioning.

Since the summer of 2012, I've been able to find work in the immediate vicinity of my house. I consider myself blessed for that, but the weeks have been well over the normal (for most full-time workers) 40 hours. It's challenging to cope with months of this heavy workload, though, even at my age, I'm enjoying learning more about my profession. (Electronic hardware, software, and systems engineering.)

My favorite recent serials

Like many of us here I check frequently to see what's been posted recently. There are so many stories that I absolutely adore, but some of them I love so much and I remember so clearly that I am hoping to see a new chapter being published as I wait for the BCTS home page to appear.

Here are some of the series that I have eagerly looked forward to in recent months. Please let me know in the comments which recent series are your favorites.

apparent terror attack here

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Well, imagine my surprise to wake up this morning and find out Edmonton suffered an (alleged) terror attack.

Details are still coming in, but so far it seems that no one was killed, but several people were injured including at least one police officer, and a suspect is in custody.

There will be those who use this as justification for bigoted attacks on immigrants or Muslims in general, but I believe most Canadians are smart enough to see through such things.

Still, positive vibes and prayers are appreciated, so keep em coming.

Saving your stories

I've been working on some very large stories but am quite frustrated with Windows 10 file management protocol. It feels like they do sinister, and sneaky things with file preferences; seeming to try to put things on their "sky drive", which to me means out in the public. I do not trust them. I "think" that I now understand enough about what to look for each time I save a file, but there is always the feeling that some sneaky geek will change things and I will miss that.


I am most gratified by the reception of my latest tale. It would seem readers are having as much fun reading the tale as I had writing it. I wish I could respond to the very kind and generous comments I've received but time seems to be my biggest enemy. I would like to think these characters are the most complex I've attempted. Every one of them has a bit of a back story that could be a novel by itself. I can say, without being the spoiler, that there are a few additional characters to fill out the 'palette' including the revival of several older ones from previous endeavors.

Uhg, it's been too long

It has been so long since I've written anything in my Goddess series that now that I feel like writing again I can't remember my continuity. The laptop I used to write my first 4 stories crashed some time ago so my character outlines are gone.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I guess it's time to reread everything and start taking notes. :)

the day started


out to be a bad day for with my health the way it is. being a disable vet I was up at the hospital visited my wife when I came out there was a young lady with her young son both come up to me the young boy said to thank you so much for your service. that made my day. the young must of been 4 or 5 years old.

major accomplishment today

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I had a major accomplishment today.

I was able to go to my bank and get a direct deposit form filled out and a printout of my account history for the last three months, - both of which I need for my application for emergency assistance.

Why is that a major accomplishment?

Because for the three days prior to today, I have been planning to do this, only to be foiled by massive levels of anxiety.

So despite still having that anxiety today, the fact I was able to get this done is a major thing.

I know Angel O'Hare is no longer with us... bless her soul...


I was going through some of my favorite stories, I found "Betrayed By Those I Love" posted on Crystal's site. I like the story! I have parts 1 and 2 but have never found part 3. Has it been posted or is available anywhere?

Apt title

I realized that the title I chose for my most recent series is especially apt. The working title was the horrible Alison Hangs. I changed the main character's name to Rachael from Alison, since I had used the latter name in River, and didn't want people thinking it was the same person. And as a working title it had no chance of becoming the actual title, since the suicide is only the trigger for the rest of the story.

Helping Hand - next chapter

The posting of the next chapter of "Helping Hand" will be delayed by one week.
I'm in Brittany on a Motocycle Holiday and the internet is a tad iffy from the Gite where I am staying. That is all down to me for choosing one that is in the middle of nowhere (8km N.W. or Rostreven if you want to know)

It will be back next Tueday.


Birdwatching Holiday in Spain.

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Apart from mosquito bites, which are heading towards twenty, I'm having a good time. Saturday had to be the most successful day, when we managed to get into the back of the El Hondo reserve (near Elche) and met up with some birders we saw last year. I doubt we would have seen some of the species without the extra eyes and expertise.

Psyren's Redemption, serial chapter up and a bit of an update

Heya all! As I'm sure most of you have come to expect there is a new serial chapter up on my website. It doesn't contain any startling revelations or reveals this time around, but it does advance the plot so do come over and have a looksee.

Read the latest part now.

Please take a moment to comment. It will be appreciated. My website does not require you to login and if you did want to you could use your account or one of several social media accounts.

Title changes to Transformers (Sort Of)

Due to a conversation I had with Erin, and deciding to publish the story, we decided that the original title COULD, MIGHT lead to some copyright we brainstormed some new titles up and decided on SUITED FOR ADVENTURE for book 1 and SUITED FOR DANGER for book 2

So I did some fancy editing (well, fancy for my limited computer knowledge) and all the chapter titles and the main title have been changed to the new titles.

Series ending, but getting a spinoff


After writing roughly what would amount to being the next four parts of my current series "Parting of the Ways" I have decided to not write the series anymore and end it. I'll give my story an epilogue that covers the previous parts giving characters their due but I am ending the current series at Part 16.

Two incomplete stories of mine are under construction.

Luck Be A Lady and Transformers are being worked on right now! I had a brainstorm last week, actually about the same time that hurricane swamped Florida! Hmmm. Coincidence?

Anyhoo, I have already begun work on both stories, having figured out how to not only complete them, but also to tie them in together!

a unwelcome visit from Mr. Nasty

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I am having a particularly unpleasant visitor at the moment - Mr. Nasty himself, the "voice" who tells me how worthless I am.

So even though it feels like I've been doing this a lot lately, i once again am asking for any positive messages you can send me.

Thank you to all who read this little blog and support me.

New story - needs better title

Last few weeks have been a living hell for me, luckily I have a friend like Shadowsblade that I normally talk to daily and and is willing to listen to me rant once in a while :)

This story was a way of me venting my frustrations on the situation I have found myself currently part of. The main character was one I got an idea for some time back that I had plans on using in a different story (and still may do so)

Having been too tired to worry about a title I used the title of the character bio, so if anyone has any idea of a better name for "The changling" let me know :)

Anon Allsop’s ‘A Love So Bold’ & the journey west

A Love So Bold by Anon Allsop is one of my favourite stories here on BC. But being English and in England and although having lived in Australia when young, you do not really appreciate the distance that waggon train that Hannah and Gideon travelled with covered to reach the Willamette Valley at the end of the story.

You think you do, but in modern times with air travel and maybe an hour long television documentary cannot really give the feel of the time or distance it took Hannah and Gideon’s little family to make the journey across America.

looking for a story


Looking for a story

All in can remember is a cross dresser and his wife does not support him

Think he looses his job as in the building industry and chats with friends to go to a new building site where their is only one house finished and goes inside to find various males dressed as females
and his mother in law there as well only to be told that her husband was like him for most of their marraige and she accepts him dressing as her daughter his wife is a cold self centred bitch

Thanks in advance for your help

Who I Am/I Am Rosemary’s Granddaughter

“Who I Am” is the original title for the story (and I have been on the fence to use it again) when it was written as a screenplay. The original opening title sequence was extended out (it’s the backstory in each chapter) so the first music sequence that survives in the book would be when Kris runs the theatre back to her dorm room.


I've just posted the latest chapter of 'Andi and Allie'. I wanted to note that the experience Allie had with her date was based on an actual event that occurred in Fort Lauderdale some years ago. I was witness to this event as it was occurring live on the radio. I couldn't believe that anyone would be so self absorbed and callous that he could do to some poor woman what he did. Needless to say the outcome was as I wrote in the tale. He was fired from his job and he did need to move away. But the sound of that poor woman's voice as she spoke on the air was heart breaking.

Help . Lost a story


Help anyone recognise this story.
Man down on luck visited by witch/goddess and changed to beautiful fem. Goes to work for Cryers? aviation and is sucessfull in new career selling planes and whole new life. Few hurdles on way such as suspected of murdering him/herself gets raped by a co- worker . Anyone recognise it. The search engines don't seem to.

The Last of the Fey


It is really a very well designed and scripted story. The author stood out in individuality of content and fresh approach to well traveled story ideas. I loved the story and wish I had a chance to get to know the author. In her memory I'll send a donation to BCTS since I don't do Kindle or any electronic books. For those who do electronic readers, I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this beautiful tale.

The Last of the Fey by Denise Anesidora Trask Now on Kindle

A Second Chance

I have just posted a new story. This is one that has been on the backburner for a while as I concentrated on River. There are only four more chapters to River, and two are already at the editors, with a third nearly written. So I decided to get a start on this story. I have five episodes written (more if I can find the right stick where I put the update). These will be posted over the next week or two, and then I will have to fall back to a weekly routine.

Thank You Everyone

I am warmed by the response "Anita" has garnered in spite of my not posting correctly and not showing the teasers until after posting 14 chapters. It was fun taking a 19th Century tale and bringing it into the 21st. Hopefully, those familiar with the tale caught on after the 'set up'. Probably will work on something for the Cynthia Chronicles. Been kicking a few ideas around. Probably will have something to do with sapient raccoons and others whom we've met in the past.

Muse on a rampage? LOL

It's been a very productive week for me so far, four pieces posted in just under 43 hours.

I have no idea where the energy to write is coming from, I've been half-asleep for the last six hours; even coffee isn't helping much, I'll be having a nap in a moment. My muse, though, is apparently in high gear again, as noted by the postings coming fast and furious recently.

I don't think it's finished yet, either. I've got ideas for the next part of at least one story percolating, perhaps two. *giggles*

Need Some Help With A Story

I'm running into a problem with my Jessica Jade novel. She's a spin-off character from 'The Wildcats' books. I really could use some wise and sage advice on direction. I have some decisions that need to be made and I need help defining the book I want to write.

I have a lot down on paper which is not the problem. I need a plumber to help me with the flow.

If you have the time or the inclination, I could use some help.



The Art Shall Continue Until Morale Improves

Big news, I just got my art commission from Avionetca on DeviantArt for the Adventures of the Twin Tails story and I'm so stoked I need to share it.


If you like it and you'd like something similar, check her page out at


Left convalescent center Sept 7 for new AFC home. No Internet.
Sept. 10 - Sept 13 - First hospitalization - pneumonia
Sept 18 - present - Second hospitalization for pneumonia, possible mini TIA.

Currently, have laptop and i-net in ICU will keep in touch as often as I can.

* Kisses Always *
Haylee V


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Okay so today did not go well. It started with me oversleeping because somehow last night I accidentally set my clock wrong, then I carved a fairly good sized whole in my face shaving, then I went to welfare only to be told my doctor's note isnt what I need because it covers too short a period of time.

Sighs ... roadblocks are no fun ...

Psyren's Redemption serial (significant reveal)

This week's serial part has a pretty significant reveal concerning Agent Van den Broeke for those of you who have been following the story.

Read Chapter Nine now to find out what it is.

Please take a moment to comment. It will be appreciated. My website does not require you to login and if you did want to you could use your account or one of several social media accounts.

All good things...


Hi All,

I’d like to thank all of you who wished me well over the past few months. Unfortunately, the fates have not been kind... So as the saying goes... all good things must end. I can no longer continue to write. I hope that someday I may return to writing, but that’s not in my hands.

I’ve learned plenty from all of you. I will continue to visit and offer comments where I can. I love the stories here on the site and hope the authors here much success.

Thanks again for all those who read, commented and encouraged the stories I posted. I love you all!



After seeing the new comments about SEE, I decided to reread myself. The first two chapters were fine, but everything after that is blank. What gives?

I posted an update less then 30 min. after this that everything was back and sumerized there must have been a hiccup somewhere along the way. That was on my laptop/main computer. Now I'm on my tablet and that previous update is not there. :-(

Quick Update

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So this will be a real quick update.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the building inspector was out at my house on Friday. He told us that if we sealed the floor with Kilz paint then we would be allowed back in. I'm happy to report that he came by this morning, was here for about 5 minutes and told me it was good to live in. The house is no longer condemned. So I'm not in fear of losing my home or my dog as of right now.

We shall see about the future. One day at a time now :).