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Another Part of "Demons" is up

OK, I know it's shorter than the previous two chapters. It's actually one of three (or so) sub-chapters. They didn't (exactly) fit into how I wanted the story to go, but were necessary to give the background of Geoff's institutionalization / commitment. Since this part wasn't actually a session (per se), I felt it best to include them here. After all, he did attempt suicide... Hope you enjoy these. I'll return to my regular format -- session, journal, and possible song next chapter.

"7 years, 12 months"


"7 years, 12 months".

That's what my account said when I checked it this morning.

So assuming my math is right, I have managed to be here for 8 years.

It wouldn't have been possible without my friends - you know who you are, if I try and list you all I'll forget somebody - and the wonderful work of Erin and her elves.

Here is hoping I get many more years here.

Nothing like good music to raise one's spirits

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So I've been just kinda messing around today, trying to get inspired to write some more. I hit up Pandora, and set it to fit my more eclectic style. I've been in a rather tranquil mood today, so I thought I'd start with a little Enya, but she wasn't who I really wanted. I felt myself drifting back to my darker days (in part due to writing Inner Demons), and thought I'd give a group I hadn't played in years another go - Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Missed posting

Yup, once more my apologies. I really did expect to do a Nena posting today but instead I've been off enjoying myself!

So today it was a trip out to the little visited Holderness coast of East Yorkshire. Our lunch stop was Withernsea, for the UK readers think Blackpool without! Yup no tower, no beach, no attractions - well not actually much of anything except a brooding sea! We had a nice lunch mind at a nice price, just over a tenner for three of us!

my new story's origin

I'd like to talk for a moment about my newest story, "Sacrifice".

If's a pretty rare story for me, because I basically inspired myself.

See, a long time back I wrote a little story called "puppets" which had a person with the ability to control others and yet was also a victim of control at the same time. It was so dark I eventually wrote a sequel where the main character became free. And yet, because the story also featured a family who had been victimized by the main character my brain kept going back to the story wondering what happened to them next.

Fantasy and Fiction

I like to watch Matthew Coville’s Youtube channel. His videos covers D&D, video games, pop culture and writing. He is very interesting and informative and people who do not like those subjects, would find him engaging. He talked about the an academic essay on the difference between fantasy and fiction.

Difference between an Optimist, a Pessimist, and a Realist

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OK, try this one on for size:

In a room, on a bar, sits an ice cold cup of soda, half full.

An Optimist walks in, sees it, and thinks, "Aah. The glass is half-full. It has the potential to be quite refreshing."
A Pessimist walks in, sees it, and thinks, "Rats. The glass is half-empty. There's not enough in it to quench my thirst."
A REALIST walks in, takes one look at the glass, and screams out, "OK, who's the wise guy that drank half my pop?"

Demons, Chapter 2 Up

Chapter Two of Inner Demons is now up. Included in this chapter is the actual journal entry from back then, as well as the song I wrote after "The Kiss". While not CRITICAL to the story, they do provide background. Every chapter from this point on WILL contain an actual journal entry, which is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL to read. One warning, though: They are EXTREMELY dark -- darker than anything else I have ever written. If you have a weak constitution, then I beg of you: PLEASE skip them.

owning up to addiction

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After having what I can only describe as a toxic relationship with food for most of my life, with my internal organs in danger and chances for SRS growing fainter, I have been forced to face the fact that I am a food addict.

I have now joined a support group that uses the methods of A.A. to help people like me change not just their diets but their relationship to food, and I am going to do my best to get into recovery.

All hugs, prayers, and words of support are appreciated as I begin this difficult journey.

Making a return

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It has been a while since I was part of this community.
My life has changed I am now an amputee due to a kerosene heater malfunctioning. Irony is during my Naval Career I was a first responder/firefighter never hurt of even wounded by fire.
I spent almost 4 months in a burn center getting used to being unique.
I decided to come back and perhaps remain a part of this site.

Review: Transgender teen story '3 Generations'

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'3 Generations' movie has a lot to say. Ray (Elle Fanning), a transgender teen boy, is aching to begin his physical transition but first needs written consent from his conflicted single mother, Maggie (Naomi Watts), and estranged father, Craig (Tate Donovan). Meanwhile, Maggie’s lesbian mom, Dodo (Susan Sarandon), and longtime partner, Honey (Linda Emond),

Looking for a Story

A while back there was a story I read that I don't remember the name of and I wanted to go back and read again.

The beginning of the story starts with a kid at if I remember correctly an All Boys Boarding school or some form of an All Boys school and the main character is preparing to leave because their body is turning itself into a girl.

The main character gets into some art/Music college and eventually becomes a famous singer.

Thats all I honestly remember about the story. I hope thats enough for you guys to point me in the right direction for the story.

No Wildcats

As you may have notices, there is no chapter of The Wildcats this week, due to the double posting last week. Leslie is hard at work on the next chapter, and you will see it next Friday.

Any of you who are needing a Wildcats fix should go back and check that you read both Chapter 23 and 24. The numbers for Chapter 23 are only about half of what 24 (and prior chapters) got. It looks like a lot of people saw the two units posted close together, and assumed that they were duplicates, so only read 24.

If you did read both ... hey read one again.

Dawn Natelle

Repost May

Alright everyone,

As I posted a few weeks ago, May is going to be a month of rereleases, consisting of some of the best of the bunch of my older work. There will be four in total, one for each Friday this month. They will be posted on BCTS in the latter half of the day each Friday(Eastern US time).

Here's the order for the releases:

I wish I had the words about Waking The Dreamer by Grover

that could possibly explain how good this story is, but I don't think I really do. Oh, I could say it's a great, spine tingling tale of the supernatural and action. I could say it's a study in spiritual awakening or that it's a tale of sacrifice and loss/gain, but none of that tells the true, complete meaning behind this tale.

I guess the best way to try to explain my way out of this is to simply say that if you miss out on this one, you'll never experience the genius behind it's telling.

AUTISM: Walk For A Difference

Hi Everyone! I posted about helping us, and helping NinjaBaby via the POAC - Autism: Walk For A Difference already once, but with the walk only a few days away I thought I would post again.

And for those of you that are reading this after saturday (should you show up late to the party) It's NEVER too late to donate, even if the walk is over contact me and I will give you information for how to donate to POAC directly (not via our walk page). Every little bit helps (just like at BigCloset).

It took much longer than I first realized.

Some time back I posted to say. I had bikini beach a story that I wanted to post. Since that time I've contacted ElrodW. Who has been a great help to me in developing it. After reading thrugh it and carrying out some editing. I left it a while and read thrugh and edited a little more. Finally I'm going to publish it either tomorrow or Saturday. Being dyslexic I'm sure there will be some errors. But that being said I guessnow it's stand or fall.

Cheryl XX

Requesting help

I just put up a poll on my website and am hoping folks here could head on over and vote on the sort of content I'll be adding to my website in the future. Mainly this would be for fans of my writing/people who intend to visit my website. Cast your vote or share comments in the blog. Either way, your thoughts will be appreciated.

Please, click here.

Samantha will be having breast reduction surgery

I spent the day running Sharon and Samantha around and it ended with some important news.

It looks like Sam is going for breast reduction surgery probably late this year or early next year. Her back will thank her when she's older, but I'm gonna be a touch worried about her going under the knife anyway.

is it wrong

To want to cosplay your own characters?

One part of my writing i've not owned up to before is that I try to imagine myself as the main protagonist, whether it's Nena, Peaches, Gaby or the latest addition, Trixie. By imagining that I am those individuals I get a better feel for how they will react, talk etc.



i just moved to jefferson county missouri and due to flooding am now cut from access from most of the st. louis area, so i was not able to make my doctors appt. or visit family. this is the second flood like this in 18 months where this type of floods never happened here before and many people are asking why. one theory that is going round is that the army corp of engineers built new levies upstream to protect farmland that was always getting flooded and now that water has to have somewhere to go. so now it floods heavily populated areas.

New Story Posting

I have posted a new story I hope all my readers will enjoy: Inner Demons, AKA Journals of an Angry Trans Gurl.

To date, it is the LONGEST serial chapter I have ever posted on this site, at over 3,700 words.

Yes, it is COMPLETELY autobiographical.

Yes, it is dark. Future chapters may cause some readers to shudder or sicken at its darkness. Such is my life, and fair warnings will be given at the appropriate times.

Yes, it was painful. Dealing with demons always is.

Lost in Translation

I see a problem.

1946 versus 839. Remember those two numbers and try to follow me here.

Chapter Twenty-Four - 1946 reads. Chapter Twenty-three - 839 reads.

Chapter Twenty-Four was accidently published before Chapter Twenty-Three on Friday. We corrected it by publishing Chapter Twenty-Three right after that.

But, Chapter Twenty-Three does not show up in the 'Quick Cuts - Recent Content'. It only appears in the chapters list for the Wildcats story itself.


Finally got around to a new Keyboard!


Hopefully when I resume Gaby on Thursday I can go a bit quicker - it's a cheap but durable Microsoft bit of kit - wonder how long it'll last! Anyone want a KB with no letters?

Anyhow there are now 4 Trixiebell Heartswoon 'chapters' completed. The way is open for more but for now it concludes here.

Should be back to normal posting from tomorrow.


swap 12 for 13 In Ginny's Story


To any one who just read Chapter 13 of Ginny's Story, and are scratching your heads, Yes, Chapter 13 went into Chapter 12's spot, and vice versa. How, I don't know. But it's fixed now. Any reader after 11PM EDT are wondering what I'm talking about, That's great that means it's now okay.


Interesting Gender Response from Quora


There’s a very interesting site called Quora (quora dot com), billed as “A place to share knowledge and better understand the world”.*

Questions are asked by anyone and answered by anyone, but “best’ answers are upvoted to the top. You’re liable to find internationally known scientists, authors, and politicians responding—a lot of teachers, too—as well as regular folks. Have a question about the Battle of Yorktown? It might be answered by an American History professor at Yale . Have a question about guns? The top answer might come from a Marine gunnery instructor, or a police officer, and so on.

But some of the answers take unusual spins; as with the one below, which may comfort some and infuriate others, but it may be of interest to BCTS authors and readers.

The general question, open to anyone to answer, was “Which novel changed your life?”

This response is interesting in terms of self-perception of gender.



I was reading a story a couple years ago about two teenagers on a debate team. they were on two different teams one was a girl the other was a boy the girl father was there watching. the father didn't like the way she was looking at the boy so he stop sending he to school the boy found where she was living . and waiting for father to live so could get in. I know there more to this story need help finding it

New Hatbox Story

Erin has agreed to post my new story, The Girl Who Saved Aunt T’s, in Hatbox. Hatbox is one of the ways you can support this site. Make a contribution to Hatbox and Erin will send you a password allowing you access to a group of stories that have been set aside for this purpose.

The Girl Who Saved Aunt T’s is a 50K novel.

Not sure if you remember me...

It's been a long time since I have written new stories and continued existing ones and I apologise for that.

Since 2013 we moved from our lovely home in Lincolnshire to live with my mother in law as she was finding it hard to cope on her own due to Alzheimer's.

Anyone who has had experience of dealing with this condition will know that it never gets easier. Since moving I have been trying to re-build my IT business from scratch and helping my wife to look after her mother.

Edmonton shows its best

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I dont usually talk about sports here, but something so remarkable happened last night at the start of the playoff game here in Edmonton, I have to mention it.

See, due to technical difficulties, the young man who was supposed to sing the American anthem found his microphone not working.

It could have become an embarrassing moment for everyone involved, but instead, he got the crowd to sing the American anthem with him, ringing the rafters as they sang.

Super classy move by the fans, so to all in attendance thank you for representing my town in such a fantastic way.

Snowed In!

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Here I am in the hills/small mountains south of St Ettienne and we had a big gale last night. Strong winds and rain that brought more than a few trees down.
Woke up this morning with the prospect of a 550Km drive ahead of me and we are snowed in. Yes folks, the 1st of may and I'm snowed in at my hotel. About 4in of the white stuff fell in the night.
It is also a bank holiday here so the snow clearance vehicles won't be out. I'll try to get out after breakfast as I have 4WD but I don't recon much of my chances.

Deep Joy!


Family Responses not helping

I can't take many more responses like this from my family, similar responses from more than oneand some of them keep sending me this which doesn't help and just makes me worse. I can't figure out how to respond to them. I have a therapy appt on Thursdays

Read this shit and tell how to politely tell to stop and she's being an insensitive asshole

I just realised

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that when I was looking at something on my personal account page that a month ago I achieved my 10th anniversary as a member here. It doesn't seem that long ago, though it might to some of my readers. In those days I was only posting the odd blog here while I was still writing Snafu for Sapphire's Place and the early attempts at doing some Gaby stories on Maddy's site, then I got soaked riding my bike in a thunderstorm and Bike happened.

That big erotic banner

I've visited recently and they have the same, or rather the same breastforms site banner as on bcts with one essential difference - you and everyone who looks at your monitor see the banner as below:

hifty_org banner

if you are interested you move the mouse over it and then you see this:

banner hover

Is it very complicated to have the same banner on BCTS site?

Phage and Rue

Writing is hard.

Well ok, its not so much the writing thats hard but managing to focus, to keep working on the same novel and not get distracted by the many other projects in the works. To that end I've been focusing on one novel in particular, "Rhysling's Rue". Despite the delay between chapters it seems to be going fairly well. I'm discovering things about the story that I'm writing, things I hadn't really suspected when the concept occurred to me... things and people that I think make it a better story overall.

Looking for more stories

There are two stories I am looking for. I don't recall much about hte first one, other than it is a boy whose sister makes him put on girls stuff (I think) and then locks him in it, takes his picture and sends it around the school. He gets out but she acts like she did no wrong

Susan Brown - any information?

I was re-reading all the Penmarris stories, as well as the St. Vlad stories (including the incomplete The Power)

Anyone know what happened to Susan Brown? The last posting I can find from her was that she was dealing with an elderly relative, but that was two years ago.


I messed up big time

Well I messed up my short story collection badly, and so far have not been able to get a hold of Amazon Kindle to see if I could fix it.

I could go down in infamy as the author who couldn't remember HOW MANY LETTERS THERE WERE IN THE ALPHABET.

I mean seriously, I am a super reader, and I got that wrong?

yeesh ....

Trixiebell Heartswoon

Just a further update

Trixie's life now runs to the third instalment, Gothic Friends which will of course be posted after Gothic Girlfriend .

Part 4 will be started after tonight's curry, Gothic Girlhood will take Trixie's life to some sort of conclusion - I think! It will bring elements of the first four parts together and add some further complications to the situation!

Part 5 - well we'll have to wait and see - after the holiday weekend I really need to get back to writing Gaby!

Gothic Sister

Well I'm absolutely stunned by the reaction to this story! Thank you all so much for your comments / feedback.

There is a follow up story wot I wrote yesterday, Gothic Girlfriend will be posted next time I get a real internet connection. That in turn will be followed by Gothic Friend - not yet wroted but in theory it concludes the tale of Trixiebell Heartswoon - or does it?

Well that remains to be seen, each part has so far been a 15 hour road crash of writing effort.

Latest Idea: Transgendered Colouring book

Proposed Cover

Had this idea a while ago; only just getting 'round to producing the sketches now. I was thinking that the book could have a full colour cover with 21 black & white line drawings on the interior. Each illustration would include a banner on which the reader could write their own caption. Published as an ebook, it could be downloaded and printed out, or just colourized in photoshop.


I just tried to log onto Fictionmania and got this.

Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Learn more…

Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites

I know that there are other Firefox users here. Have any of you gotten this message?

Stealing from Veterans


I'm not going into depth on this article. I had a meeting with five veterans and this was mulled over. From what came out of that meeting is veterans are being systematically robbed of close to two billion dollars annually. Seemed like a chunk of change to me. We didn't go that far into how the total was figured. They pointed the finger at a lot of high profile figures dipping into this secret money scam. Judges, lawyers, politicians. I didn't understand the mechanics of this mess. After the meeting I dropped onto the web looking for more data.

Jealous of myself

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I am on my way back home after visiting my parents and remember just how jealous I am of myself. While, it is I am jealous of the male persona I put on while I am back visiting my parents or out in public. He has such a great social life compare to mine. He is not real yet, my male self has more of a life than me.

Slight delay

First off, I want to thank everyone who read/commented/kudo'd my recent stories ^_^ The reception I've gotten to them is amazing and it makes me feel great :D The Waitress especially is something I've been planning and working on for a while
I really wanted to get the next chapter out today or tomorrow, but unfortunately that's not going to happen :( Some personal things have come up that I've had to deal with, and I've started to get the sniffles >.<

Writing Trans Fiction for Kindle & Amazon

I have been having a great time writing The Wildcats. I was thinking of taking it to a larger audience.

Once I am finished the story here, I was going to rewrite it, adding prequelI chapters, including more plot and detail, and then splitting it up into a series of small books.

I was hoping to exchange messages with someone who has published transgender fiction with Amazon and Kindle and could answer my questions before I begin.

New Story Posting

I just posted updates to Crayola Chronicles: Alicia Steele (please note the title change), as well as chapter 2. Tentative date for chapter 3 is mid-May (17th or so). I have the next chapter of Mandela Shift ready, pending Leila's permission to post, and receipt of her notes for chapters 5 and 6. Smoky Corners 0: A Journey of a Thousand Miles has been started, with hopes of chapter 1 being completed and posted next week. I'm working on revisions to all my SC works, so stay tuned. I'm working on a spin of Beauty and the Beast. Whew! At least they let me write in ICU, huh? LOL...

.....And this week

A busy week for me and for the Gabfen!

Trips to the far edge of the world (well Yorkshire) and intensive writing sessions mean there's plenty for my dedicated fans today so stay tuned:-

Of course what you've all been waiting for, Book 14's conclusion is the first thing of note - you can read that here.

I'm trying to explain again

They are trying to compare my problems with normal people with body image issues.

It's not something they can understand, every minute with my eyes open is another second I'm screaming inside my head. Because when I'm awake I have to face the fact my body is wrong. The screaming inside my head doesn't stop anymore. I want to rip my skin off sometimes. No medication can fix the constant emotional pain, the frustration, helplessness and hopelessness I'm in It's why I stay in my room, reading sometimes distracts me.

really bad news from my doctor

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Well, my doctor got the results of my ultrasound and its much worse than I could have feared. My liver is very fatty, my kidneys are enlarged, and I am in serious trouble unless I can make a total 180 on my eating habits.

You add to this the fact I was already struggling emotionally and spiritually, and I am in a very bad place at the moment.

hugs and prayers appreciated.

learning from my mistake with Mercy

I have been thinking a lot about the mistake I made with Mercy. Namely, that I posted chapters as they were written, rather than wait until I had the story complete. I believe that the length of time between posting, especially when I couldnt even say when more might come, helped lower the opinion of people about the series. Plus, I believe the pressure I put on myself to try and keep interest in the story led me to post very short chapters that also probably turned a lot of people off.

Avatar 2 & 3 Have release Dates again.

According to Deadline Hollywood Avatar 2 and 3 have got real release dates.
We have been waiting for the Second Installment of this series for so long i feel it has lost relevance.
Maybe that is why they might actually o them, heck Camron has said the studio talked him into doing all the way up to Avatar 5 .
Heck Disney has gotten in on the Act.

Used car salesmen

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Was reminded of something that happened to me several years ago and thought I would share it here.

So the girl friend and I were driving down this street when she saw an older XJ6 jaguar in this small used car lot's back lot. Already knowing how much she loved the thought of owning one of those I turned around and went back to talk to them about buying it.

New Chapters to the Little Boy-Girl Saga

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New chapters will be posted for School for Transgendered, My Brother is My She-Male Twin. Plus four new stories.

Eddie The She-Male Lesbian, The Little Orphan Boy-Girl, Just Our Luck and The Single Father with Four Daughters

I'll be going back and fixing the main story and some links to the others.


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Indeed sorry to all the Gabfen expecting the last chapter of Gaby Book 14 today. For reasons outside of my control i've not had any internet access today.

As a result it'll now be posted on Wednesday when i'm expecting that part one of Book 20, Gaby Express to become available.

Which reminds me, I'd best get back to actually writing it!


Where have all the Cyclists gone?

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I know it is election day here in France and where I am now (SW of Brive la Gallarde) is wonderful cycling country. The roads and even the minor 'D' ones are well surfaced if you avoid the Department of Correze yet I saw very few out on the road today. The weather is perfect as well....
Where are they all? If this was England, there would be lots out on the road on a fine Sunday Morning.
I spoke to two Australians at lunchtime. They are in the middle of cycling from Oslo to Athens and they remarked on the lack of cyclists in this area.


Not every story has a happy ending

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Nature is reputedly red in tooth and claw, things will kill each other possibly to eat or as rivals. This was the sad end to our dormouse survey today. The picture contains the body of a dormouse which has been attacked and killed possibly by a wood mouse. It was the only one we found today, making it doubly sad. To think the poor thing survived the winter then possibly went torpid overnight and met a wood mouse...


World Book Day - Celebrate with DopplerPress!

Hey Everyone! Today (April 23rd, 2017) is


Why not consider buying a book from Doppler.Press?

Every book you buy not only gets us our usual sales commissions just like buying via BigCloset links, but any book published by Doppler.Press will also give us our normal publisher share too!

A touchy subject

Oh this isn't about politics or religion so you can rest easy on that front. What I'm writing about is something that occurs in some authors writing on occasion and that is references to other authors and their works. Now I understand that it's nice to be able to mention your friends and fellow authors in your work. I am sure it gives you and the aforementioned authors a nice warm feeling and does the same for many of their friends.

husband and wife actors

I've been trying to find a story about married actors where the husband wants a staring role as a TG. To prove he can do it, he goes through a producer's hoops, ending dressed as a Vegas showgirl. I don't think the final chapter was ever posted. Pretty sure it wasn't on BC/TS.


Caitlyn A Lady Worth Knowing


Caitlyn Jenner reflects on how her life has changed since transitioning into a woman

It is a nice article where Caitlyn expresses her emotions and feelings. An excellent read from a beautiful person who only wants to be what she has always felt in her heart and soul.

sound bites from the story:

the end of book 1 for Mercy

Just so anybody reading chapter 20 of Mercy and worried that it says "The end ... for now", dont worry just yet.

I plan to bring Mercy, Brand, and company back for a Book 2, with a focus on the idea of self-forgiveness.

I mean, its great to forgive others, but what if you cant forgive yourself?

I have no timeline for when I'll actually be able to have something to share, but I promise that as soon as I do, I will post it for everybody who still likes these characters to enjoy.

Katie Leone on Facebook


This friends request is bogus and will result in your account being hacked or cloned. I opened the post thinking it was a updated from her BFF and 2 hours later my FB account started to go nuts with people getting friends request from me even though we are already friends
Delete request or any post from Katie may she rest in peace. How dare them to use our friend like this.
Sorry if any of you who are my FB friend have a problem
HUGS Richard S. M. you can figure out my FB page by that

I feel really beautiful - not.

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I consulted my GP this afternoon about a couple of patches of something probably solar induced on my face and right arm. The bit on my arm is no problem, I have a plaster on it since he zapped it with liquid nitrogen and it feels fine. It'll breakdown and weep for a couple of days, crust over and heal up. The other thing is on my nose. He wasn't sure what it was but we agreed to zap it as well, though he did offer to wait a bit longer and have my nose amputated. I opted for the liquid nitrogen again.

My time is over

I've come to a realization that I'm not the kind of person I thought I was. Last night I went to post a story I had written and I come to find out that what I had written had unknowingly ripped off another story. Upon that happening it really hit me, I can't write anymore. Anything I write could possibly end up the same way and I don't want that.

So, to save my sanity and put this to rest I'm putting down the pad and paper and moving on from writing as a whole.

To anyone that even cared to read what I wrote, I thank you.

Making progress

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Well, I am glad to report I have made some progress on stuff. I got my tax rebate into the bank today, and discovered that my former employer had FINALLY given me my holiday pay. Then I went to the E.I. office, and discovered I had made a small mistake which was delaying my claim, and fixed it.

All this, plus I've gotten some serious progress done on the next chapter of Mercy, so I am super happy at the moment.

worn out

I've been busy tapping away at the keyboard again but i've got a problem. I keep miss typing which is slowing me down as I obviously have to keep redoing stuff. Then I realised that i've been working so hard i've worn the letters off almost half the keys!

Looks like I need to buy a new KB when I can get to a shop!

Anyhow Gaby book 20 is now 6 sizzling chapters long, I may have the first arc finished to put out next week!


Your Name - Give it a chance


Anime is an art form, specifically animation, that includes all genres found in cinema, but it can be mistakenly classified as a genre. In Japanese, the term anime refers to all forms of animation from around the world. In English, anime (/ˈænəˌmeɪ/) is more restrictively used to denote a "Japanese-style animated film or television entertainment" or as "a style of animation created in Japan".

Bike delayed.

Had an interesting day, put up some trellis for my ex, took my daughter to lunch and then fixed her bike plus a hundred mile drive each way. Then just as I'm gearing up to start scribbling Bike, my glasses fell apart or shall we say, a lens fell out. I then spent a fruitless twenty minutes trying to find the screw responsible only to discover it was still in the frame. It's a weird arrangement because the screw holding the lens in is under the arm not on the top and I couldn't see it because I didn't have my glasses.

Penultimate Chapter

Yes, Book 14 has already almost ended, todays chapter, Nuptials, is the penultimate posting!

Next week will see the start of posting the fifth Nena book here at BC, a short break from Gaby before the start of Book 15. Before that of course is the grand conclusion to Book 14 which you will see on Sunday.

Elsewhere, I've made a start on Book 20, Gaby Express, the first four chapters are with the editor already.

Ready to strangle my Muse..

This is so frustrating and not sure what I should do... I'm so close to wrapping up Robbie's Revelation (The 1st book at least), I have 3 maybe 4 chapters left to where I want to end the Revelation part at.. Now my time is already limited severely for writing, so what's my muse decide to do?!? She starts throwing a completely new story around in my head and it's distracting me from finishing Revelation...

Trying to get her to focus on the story I want to write right now would be harder than herding cats..

Help Needed

I am in need of serious help - about 2 years ago my muse packed her bags and deserted me part way through a story I was posting namely 'Lady in Waiting'.
Now she has returned and my dilemma is this - Do I carry on where I left of starting the story with a brief précis of the story to date? Or do I repost the story from the beginning?

Please help
Christina H

Induced Temporary Insanity!!!!

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God if I have to hear anymore Hold Music I am going to snap!

45 minutes on hold with the Good Old Sate DPS customer service to find out where my License is since I renewed it over a Month ago.

Now I have been on Hold with one of the local hospital for 30 minutes on hold!

If I ever find the people that designed those automated systems just to get threw to a human being, and or chose there Hold music, it will not be pretty.

The River runs anew

Well my little break is over, and chapter ten of River is in editing. My health problems aren't over, but I am feeling better. I hope to get back to a weekly schedule on Monday. This was a hard chapter to write, and I was in tears several times as it unfolded before my keyboard. I won't say more, lest I create a spoiler.

Dawn Natelle

How I write

I dont know how others write, but I tend to write in sequence - that is, I write the first part of a chapter first, then each event as it occurs.

Once in a great while after I have finished a part of a chapter, I realize something would actually work better earlier, and switch it around, but generally the story unfolds as I write it.

But I think I need to do something different for the next chapter of Mercy.