Aria - Book 2 - Trials and Temptations by Emma Anne Tate on Kindle

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Cami's adventures continue...

Aria - Book 2
Trials and Temptations
by Emma Anne Tate
Now on Kindle

With a new year comes a new step in Cami's journey of self-discovery.

Her brother in rehab and her relationship with her parents on the rocks, but between new friends, new loves, and her career, there's no time to look back. Cami needs all the help she can get to brave the challenges ahead of her. Still, things are never that easy, and new trials, and new adversaries -- however unearned -- await.

Can Cami's strength of will hold up to the trials, and temptations, ahead of her?


Woke this morning

And started in on my overnight email and saw Erin's Patreon post and came over here. Thanks for the heads up and the link.

It is all uploaded.
I have a big mug of Java juice.
Also a bowl of munchies (chocolate Cheerios).
I'll be in another land for awhile.
See you when I get back.


Thanks, Ron!

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Wonderful Story

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Bought and reviewed on Doppler/Amazon.