My Oni Love

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Waking up horny isn't exactly anything new for Evan - but it's not usually so literal!

...And waking up as a girl is kinda weird, too!


Evan's days are simple. Wake up, go to work, get drunk, hit the bar, head home for the day. It's a monotonous routine, but it works. At least until he gets lost on the way home, tries to cross a river drunk, bangs his head on a rock, and... wakes up as a muscular female oni in fantasy-land feudal not!Japan?

Join Evan - now Ella - as she attempts to answer a question that no pointy toothed oni has ever dared to ponder before: Rather than eating people to get stronger, couldn't I just eat them out?

(Good luck with that, Ella! Surely not everyone you meet will assume you're an enemy out to consume them... Right?)


Cover is by my friend/beta reader Lulla!


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