Space and Time for Romance 2 by Maryanne Peters on Kindle

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Science fiction is all about what if.

Space and Time for Romance 2
by Maryanne Peters
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The fertile mind of Maryanne Peters has written another collection of gender-bending short science fiction tales about visiting alien spacecraft, dystopian futures and strange households with stranger romance.

What if you found an alien intelligence living in a pond at the far end of your cow pasture? What if you both fell in love?

What if you got taken in by a conman who claimed to be recruiting volunteers to repopulate a distant world? What if he wasn’t a conman?

What if you got trapped in an imaginary world with a friend where you could be anything you—or your friend—wanted you to be? What if he wanted you to be his lover?

What if your neighbors—no joke—turned out not to be from France? What if they knew and understood science that no one else on Earth knew?

What if your android lover wanted to be the man in your relationship?

What is you enjoyed other volume of short stories from Maryanne? :)

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