Tamara's Debut

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Tamara's Début - A Tommy & Tamara Story

Tamara's Tales Book 1


Tammy is offered a place in a play, playing a female lead. Unfortunately her name is Tom and she's a sixth former in a private boys school in the Highlands of Scotland. This is a tale of metamorphosis but Tammy finds she has some good friends to help her through the rough times.
Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!

This story was initially published in 2010 then revised and republished in 2014. There are currently eleven books in the series


Tamara's Debut (plus the prologue Tom's Fireworks) is now also available as the first Kindle publication of the Tammy series. It's available from Amazon (UK) , Amazon (US), Amazon (CA) & Amazon (AU) .