TransGlimpses by Wanda now in Kindle Store

Wanda Cunningham's TransGlimpses, a collection of her shorter fiction, is now available in the Kindle store.


This includes the TG classics Star Bright, Special Ed and Fortune Cookie as well as fifteen other stories and two poems by Wanda that give fleeting views of the transgender experience – from watching the sunrise to feeling jealous envy of a beautiful nun – from schoolyard chants to the desire for a long time relationship that could never be – and more... wishes, dreams, hopes and fears, the sorts of things that everyone remembers.

If you haven't seen these stories, but have enjoyed Wanda's longer works like Kelly Girl here's a chance to enjoy more of her writing. And if you have seen them and just want to enjoy them again, here they are. For new readers and old, this is a rewarding read.

Wanda is one of the BC authors who have donated proceeds from the sales of their ebooks to the support of BigCloset.

- The DopplerPress team