Sexy, Cute and Popular by Angela Rasch

What would you do for a free college education?

Moore’s family has fallen on hard times, and it appears a college just isn’t meant for him. His guidance counselor steers him to apply for a fantastic Scholarship that covers all expenses at a prestigious college on the west coast. Unfortunately, the Scholarship requires that he win a letter in a sport, and Moore is height-challenged. An improbable opportunity is presented that could be the answer to his needs and a means for him to become all those things life has led him to believe he isn’t: Sexy, Cute, and Popular.

Angela Rasch (Jill M.I.) has donated proceeds from this book to BigCloset. Thanks, Jill. It's the same book, slightly edited that was available in the Hatbox for some time. Now a wider audience can enjoy it. If you buy through the link above, BC will also get a 5-7% commission on the sale.