The Station's Late Nite Princess

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The Station's
Late Nite


Don wants to pursue a career in Voice Acting and has been training himself. He's even developed some feminine character voices. What not even his closest friends or Dad know; is that the latest feminine voice is destined for higher purpose. Opportunity and one strange chance change his life forever. Not all things in the night go 'bump'. Sometimes you find a voice of light, when you change your dial!


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Originally posted on BCTS 2016-08-04 08:39:29 -0700.



Well, finally I have it in my Kindle Library. Now I need you to ask to be friends on FB, it won't let me do that since you turned me down, that was my fault I didn't think about you not knowing who I was - Richard L. Hanson.

Yaeeeh! I knew it would be there sooner or later

Bobbie Sue's picture


Thank you for helping me keep by kindle library complete! You're writing deserves to be shared and even maybe make you a little money. Your talent is worth it!

I'll have my copy before the ink on this message "dries."

HUGS and thank you for sharing your talent!


So glad to get a Kindle copy of this great story. Thank you.


Just completed reading on my Kindle. Great story.

I look forward to much more from you.


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It is SO NICE to see such a talented author(ess) get her due. I read the entire story -- sometimes with bated breath -- during its run here on BC, Here's wishing you all the blessings you so richly deserve!

*Kisses Always*
Haylee V

*Kisses Always*
Haylee V

Snowfall's best yet

The Station's Late Night Princess is absolutely outstanding. The characters are well developed and interesting, the storyline is very compelling and I just could not stop reading. Went through a large amount of Kleenex! Please keep them coming!

Stephanie Ann

Late Night Princess

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This book along with Frills, also by Alecia, are two of my most treasured books. I have read and reread them many times and many thanks to the author for sharing these. If you haven't read them, get started! :DD


Bears re-reading well

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Yeah, it's that good.

"Reach for the sun."