Featured BigCloset TopShelf author TGFictionStv.

My passion is for magical transformation and drama in the R-rated range. I will occasionally delve into Fanfiction, but I like to challenge myself with original fiction as much as possible. I like to promote different ideas and perspectives in my characters and narratives. My dialogue construction is inspired by the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith.


I do occasionally work on sequels, my Black Ring series has 6+ parts to it. However, I try to make every sequel a novelette size and one that can hold its own as a story. I won't produce a part or sequel unless I can get a full story out of it. If you stumble upon a sequel, please read the first in the series.


I'm a real fan of magic transformation stories so feel free to send me a message on an idea I can incorporate into a story. An idea is great, but I have to make sure I can actually build a plot off it.

==Upcoming Projects==

*Black Ring VI
(Where Black Ring V left off)

*Jesse's Girl
(Based on the song)

*Silent Girl III
(Where Silent Girl II left off)

*Leia's Story
(Star Wars Fanfiction)

*Avengers: Infinity Wars
(Marvel Fanfiction)