Masks 6 - Some Assembly Required -- Now on Kindle!

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"I know, you were told to come here to see if I could help you with a problem," said Piano, gently ushering her into a chair. "I believe we can help you while you help us do something good for the world."

Some Assembly Required
Rodford Edmiston


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From organized drug dealers with super-henchman to end-of-the-world cultists, the world is full of threats that need to be faced with an Assembly of heroes.

The mystic Dr. Piano has put together such a group, including Italian strongman Maciste, super-speedster Buzz, and combat specialist Champion, along with super-technician Dr. Gorgeous. They’re ready to face the world.

Except Champion’s past turns out to be relevant to their biggest challenge. She used to be a guy until “blessed” by a goddess. And now those cultists think she would make the perfect sacrifice to bring about the end of the world!

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