Cynosure by Transfemme from DopplerPress

Available through Doppler Press for the first time, Cynosure by Tracy Lane (Transfemme) is a tribute to the classic transgendered fiction of the 1960s, duly updated for a contemporary audience. Written in a racy, graphic style recalling the pulp era, The Cynosure Collection explores transsexual fantasies from a variety of exotic viewpoints as each of the characters are exposed to various levels of pleasure, embarrassment, and humiliation.



by Tracy Lane

Highlights include:

Tell Me True: a mysterious door leads to a world of secret, feminine delights for one lonely, neglected little boy...

The Girl In the Tree: unforseen environmental changes result in a generation of transsexual children, gradually morphing between genders...

Stepping Over: a subtle rift in time and space allows nine-year old Kim Taylor a glimpse into a life he might have led...

Showtime: a talented young dance prodigy finds himself decked out in gleaming satin as the curtain goes up on an entirely new stage...

Other stories include: Carmine Nights, Suspender Stockings, Palais Royale, Swift Justice and Persuasion.

Cynosure is a DopplerPress publication, proceeds from which are shared between author and BigCloset TopShelf.

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