Kaiser's X Blessing - Book One

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From the author of the "Gun Princess Royale" series, comes the story of a young man gifted with great power, great responsibility, coerced by his primitive impulses, and cornered by his inability to say, No, to the beautiful girls that manipulate him for their own devious desires.

A shamelessly perverse high-school battle adventure, set in a galactic society where the Aventis – humans enhanced by the Symbiote – rule over Regular humans incompatible with the organism. A high-school sophomore with an unabashed appreciation for girls, boobs, and sexy lingerie discovers he belongs to a publicly derided yet secretly valued third class of humans, Familiars, and is later thrust into a skirmish between rival powers all while struggling to survive at a prestigious academy dominated by Aventis students who care little for his kind...or his shameless passions.