Accidental Romance

Bobby went to an old school buddy for a job and got more than he bargained for!

Accidental Romance by Melanie Brown on Kindle
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Accidental Romance

by Melanie Brown
Copyright 2012, 2017

I mentally slapped myself for feeling both nervous and giddy about meeting Nathan Adams, currently the hottest item in Hollywood who at twenty-five already had lead roles in six major films. To me, he was still “Porky” Adams, my fellow nerd gaming buddy from high school in Abilene, Texas that I used to live next door to. I’d seen his movies, and he definitely wasn’t porky any more.

As I approached his table at the outdoor restaurant, he was signing a magazine cover with his picture on it for a couple of gushing giggling girls. I took a deep breath and swallowed as I approached him. This was a job interview after all. It occurred to me at this last minute that I probably should have gotten a hair cut.

Nathan smiled, stood and held out his hand as I arrived at his table. “Bobby Johnson. My God. I haven’t seen you since graduation! How the hell are you, bro?” He took my hand in a firm, but not crushing grip and then let go. He pointed at the chair across from him and said, “Please sit down.”

As I sat I said, “Nathan! You don’t look anything like that ol’ scruffy nerf herder that I remember from school.”

Nathan indicated to a waiter to bring another drink to the table. He smiled with even white teeth and said, “I’m not scruffy! But yeah, bro. I do work out a bit. But look at you; still a skinny kid who looks perpetually fifteen in a bad need of a hair cut! I’d bet that to this day, my dad still thinks you’re a girl.”

I smiled weakly and said, “Gee, thanks Nate.”

He laughed and said, “Hey, what are friends for, right?”

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