Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience (Masks Book 2) Kindle Edition

A school for superpowered children seemed like a good idea and definitely a change from fighting mad geniuses and superhuman brutes. But who knew that helping set up a school for super-powered teenagers would be so challenging? Not to mention dangerous and exciting...

Randy never wanted to be a superhero, let alone a — superheroine? When circumstances forced him into the role of Template, SHE found she was very good at it.

Even so, a brief but notable career as a Mask - a costumed superhero - left Template feeling that her life lacked something. She had saved lives, rescued people from peril and protected the innocent But she wanted more out of life than just being an adventurer, even with her new teammates, the Intrepids.

A chance to help train young Masks seemed like the ideal thing for both Randy and Template. As the aunt —and uncle!— of a new super, she felt she had a personal stake in the project.