Masks 19 - Keeping the Peace - A Disturbance of the Peace on Kindle

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The world turned upside down!? Famous superheroine accused of murder! Lawrence Hawthorne and his lovely, talented, and dangerous assistant/bodyguard, Sally, must use their skills, powers and experience to track down and stop the real murderers (and the people who hired them) before a mysterious doomsday weapon can be unleashed.

All this amid a backstory of alien invasions, political, corruption, and corporate wrongdoing at the highest levels.

This latest in Rodford Edmiston's intriguing Masks saga combines science fiction, superheroes, swords, noir detectives, cyber sleuthing, and transgender shapeshifting with intricate plotting and tense action!

Keeping the Peace
Masks 19 - A Disturbance in the Peace
By Rodford Edmiston
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"Maybe," I admitted, with a grin. I shrugged, well aware of the effect the material sliding across my generous bosom was producing. "There are simply times I like being a woman."

Some chapters of an earlier version available here on BC, but please buy a copy on Kindle and leave a review!

"You've probably spent more of your life as a woman than I have," she said, suspiciously, as I sat across from her.

"My dear," I said, smirking, "I've probably fucked more guys than you have."

Masks XIX

Rodford Edmiston

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