Eureka: The Day's Not Over Yet

Eureka: The Day’s Not Over, Yet
fanfiction by Bobbie Cabot

this limited run serial is an official entry to the
BCTS “Reader Retention Program” Contest

Eureka is a small, quiet town in rural Oregon, conceived by Albert Einstein and his brilliant contemporary, Dr. Trevor Grant, and created by President Truman, as a place for the world’s greatest scientists to come live and work on the most advanced technologies in the world for the betterment of man. Mostly. All top secret, of course (the government essentially owned the town, including Global Dynamics, the large scientific research facility that was located within the town limits).

Everything was just going swimmingly, aside from the almost-daily disasters that were inevitable when your town is filled with brilliant minds that were more focused on making the next great discovery and ignored most mundane things, like safety and common sense.

So the Defense Department hired Jack Carter, a former US Marshal, to be the town’s new sheriff and take care of these... situations.

Jack was just an every-man kind of sheriff, and everyday was a struggle for him to just keep up with the geniuses of the town, the futuristic technology that everyone else just took for granted, and the near-impossible emergencies and disasters that he had to deal with everyday as their sheriff.

But he managed, and even had time to fall in love with Dr. Allison Blake, the brilliant director of Global Dynamics. Global Dynamics, or GD as everyone who knew called it, was the town’s biggest company and industry, which managed, developed and curated all of the inventions and discoveries of the town’s scientist-citizens.

Jack, and his daughter Zoe, eventually came to think of the town as their home, and the town came to love and depend on their sheriff, and he became the most vital and indispensible citizen of Eureka.

But, after decades of making incredible discoveries and leaps in science, the government nevertheless tired of all of the town’s shenanigans, and found Eureka too much trouble and too costly to keep on running. It made the decision to give up on the grand experiment. However, instead of allowing GD and the town to be shut down, Eureka’s citizens, with the help of a very, very, very rich friend, “bought” them from the government, and now the people run both themselves.

And this is where we come in.

So Global Dynamics and the town of Eureka are now learning to take care of themselves instead of relying on the government for everything, and they are managing. Jack, too.

However, nothing really had changed after the government left, insofar as Jack was concerned: still the same sorts of accidents and emergencies and disasters. But, to him, that was okay - Jack was an old hand at this now, and almost nothing ever surprised him anymore. So even with the things that happen in town, it was just another day to Jack. But the latest thing that happened to him threw him for a loop. Who could have even anticipated something that would change someone to the opposite sex?

At least nothing worse can happen, right?

But, as Allison’s son, Kevin, liked to say a lot, “the day’s not over, yet.”

Series to start with Episode 1:
“Someone from Area 51”
January 3, 2019 - Thursday 8PM Eastern
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Episode 1:
Someone From Area 51

Episode 2:
When You’re Not Yourself

Episode 3:
Tests, Tests and More Tests

Episode 4:
Special Weapons and Tacos

Episode 5:
One Fine Day… In Eureka

Episode 6:

Episode 7:
Sheriff’s Day Off

Episode 8:
Fargo's Back!

Episode 9:
A Meeting

Episode 10:
A Disaster On Main Street

Episode 11:
The Final Showdown

Episode 12:
Just Another Day In Eureka

A Message from Bobbie:

Hey, everyone! It’s me, Bobbie (remember the “ie”), or Bobbi, if you prefer. I just wanted to say that I hope you decide to read my little story.

The story’s a serial, and it will run for about twelve chapters/posts, or what I am calling “episodes” (my gimmick is that I’m turning the story into a TV miniseries/serial lol). The “pilot episode” will be posted January 3, and each new episode will be posted every two or three days, running through almost all of January. So stay tuned and keep checking back here for new episodes!

By the way, although my story is technically a fanfic, it's not necessary to watch the original TV show - my story is meant to be read independently, and will stand on its own.

(This is also an experiment of sorts for me, so if you like it, please do leave comments at the end of each “episode” so I’ll know if I should do more of these kinds of posts.)

And since this is a contest, I hope you like the show and vote for it by clicking the little thumbs-up Kudos button in the lower left corner of each episode just before the comments section. I surely would appreciate it.

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