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Twins Lea and Zack want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.

All proceeds from the sale of Ma Cherie Amour have been donated by Angela Rasch to BigCloset and the Hatbox. For a limited time, you can still download an earlier version of the story via the Hatbox but this new Kindle version has been revised and re-edited.

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One of my early favorites

There are still murky waters around the ethics of the situation but for the most part this book was an innocent exploration of gender roles and slipping between them. Lessons learned and surprises as one would expect in an Angela Rasch tale.

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Still one of Angie's best, even after all these years.

For real, if you haven't read this story, check it out. I've read multiple incarnations of it, and love it a lot. It's one of the tales that really showed me the side of trans fic that I would come to appreciate most: the coming-of-age story that's about someone discovering their own truth.

Melanie E.

It was going well

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but I found the ending too much to take, it's well written as you expect from Jill, and extracted the odd tear from me, it wasn't the truth, which those of you who read it will understand.