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The Creations of Rosemary

About Me

My Story    This is my autobiography. I am a Christian, so this has a lot of information about my religious beliefs, and how I still believe the Bible literally while being a trans-woman.

Off Cuts    The Off Cuts are stories that don't live in a series, book, or collection, other than here, the off cuts. They are solos, or one-shots that I thought might fit here.

Seeing the Sights Something is Missing Alex
Two boys who grew up together in a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania, go on their Rumspringa. While away from home, they realize that their affection for each other is greater than they imagined. An average young man, in an average town, with an average job, realizes that there is something missing from his memory. A Christian trans-girl, in the early '80s must tell her parents. Can they weather the backlash they are certain will come from the church?
-=#=- -=#=- -=#=-
Marta Aurora A Comedy of Errors
A young trans-girl is new to town, and makes friends with three boys. They make it their job to protect her as they grow up. While in college, they start a white water rafting business. A trans-girl arrives in Chugiak, Alaska and makes friends with her next door neighbor. She makes the mistake of telling him about her, and they have a falling out. Can they survive the problems in their friendship? A couple's last child has finally left home, and they are travelling the country, driving truck. While in a small town, in Idaho, an accident happens, rendering the husband without any pants. All he has to wear is a skirt. Then, he comes to a scale and is pulled over.
Multipart Stories

This is the story of a young boy who's father is a pilot in the USAF, and moves up to Eielson Air Force Base, near Fairbanks Alaska. The boy has a problem, however. He is thirteen, and would normally be entering the seventh grade, but he has been placed in ninth, because he is a genius. How will the other students react, and will there be other problems when they realize who he really is?

The Letters

Author’s note: Many years ago (don’t even think of asking how many) I read a book by David Gerrold, published in 1973, called, The Man who Folded Himself.

It was a very different novel, and was actually nominated for a Nebula and a Hugo Award. The idea for this came from that book. Chapters 1 and 2 are loosely based on the beginning, but after that, it goes it’s separate way.

This is a story that will be added to when I have time, so please don’t expect it in any particular schedule.


N21 Chronicles    Somewhere in our not so distant future, a madman assumes the rule of Earth. He claims to be benevolent, but his actions show otherwise.

Old N21    These are the original n21 stories: N21, After Caesar, and Eridani.

To Not Let Go   
N21 Station_0.jpg N21_ Cover
N21 starts the story of Rose and her friends as they are exiled onto the space station, N21. Soon, they are beset with problems beyond their wildest imaginations. After Caesar starts partway through N21. It tells what happened on Earth while our intrepid exiles were on their way away from Earth. Partway through, N21 and After Caesar join. Eridani is the start of a third book to the series. It picks up where the first two left off, and pretty well runs through Part 3, Chapter 3 of the rewritten and reworked, To Not Let Go.
These are the Revised N21 stories. “At a time when memories can be recorded for posterity, Rose Carlson relives those of a madman, Amos Goodwin, who almost destroyed the human race."
"She is horrified to learn that she may have been the reason for the twisted experiences Amos put all of humanity through but then discovers something in his mind that makes everything else pale in comparison.”

Fanfiction    These are stories that I have written over the last several years. They are generally non-transgender. Some are humorous, while some aren’t.


Non Humorous:

The Final Rescue    This is non-transgender. This is one of those stories that just comes to mind one day when thinking about... Well, nothing really. I was driving in AZ, at the time, near Kingman, and I was bored. I began to wonder about Lassie, and Timmy's penchant for getting into trouble, and how long a dog's patience would last. This very short story is the result.

Ye Canna’ Break the Laws ‘O physics, Cap’n    My son and I were talking, one day, about the Trek Tech that is impossible, and were thinking about what would happen if Captain Kirk came up against these impossibilities during crunch time...
I realize that there are holes in my physics, but these are some I came up with at the time.

The Last Talosian    This story is one that I wrote over several years. I started it in 1995, and finished it in 2007. Obviously, with the finishing date, I wrote this before "Star Trek Discovery" brought back the Talosians. This story is just short of being a novel, and while it is tempting to type enough in the author’s note here to take it over 40,000 words, that would be cheating, so I'll call it a novella. This is non transgender. It is simply a piece of fanfiction that I wrote several years ago. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.
This story also appears on a couple of sites away from BigCloset, under my IRL name.
Now, the normal disclaimers. I do not own Star Trek or any of it's characters. I'm just a fan who has loved the franchise since the '70s.

The Iconia Continuum


This is a story one of my sons and I wrote sometime around 2013 or so. We had been discussing some of our favorite Science Fiction shows, and naturally, a crossover came to mind. One of our questions was, how many shows could we include into a crossover and still have it make a reasonable amount of sense.
Please take note that I said reasonable amount of sense.
This is non-transgender, and is in 3 books. There was a fourth, but we stopped working on it when, in my opinion, Disney destroyed a wonderful story about a Sith Lord and how he came to be.
This is hosted on, and if you decide to comment there, I ask that you use my IRL name, rather than Rose or Rosemary.
So, without further ado, welcome to the Iconia Continuum where anyone, from any sci-fi franchise can show up -- And very likely, will.


The Scattered Thoughts of Rosemary

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