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Originally posted on BigCloset as "Frank, My Dear" now on Kindle from DopplerPress

Uncivil by Angela Rasch


by Angela Rasch

Frank, who recently lost both parents, has become a guttersnipe. Barely able to eke-out adequate food to sustain him, he lies about his age to join the new Union Army. Shortly after the Civil War’s first battles, Frank’s cut off from his regiment and finds himself behind enemy lines -- in almighty trouble. A group of entrepreneurial strumpets save his life by taking him in and disguising him as the daughter of their madam.

This story occurs mainly in the 1860s. Given the times, some of the language is very offensive and racially, hell-fired wrong.

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Another added to my collection

Any time a book by Angela appears I can't wait to add it to my Kindle library. This is a change of pace for Angela, as those who read it here know. The dialogue reflects the period and may not be pc by today's standards but was certainly back then. Like all her books it is well researched with a solid plot and a HAE after overcoming various struggles. A bargain price too.

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Great title!

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When I commented on this story I was debating mentioning that I didn't care too much for the old title FRANK, MY DEAR because I thought the connections to Gone With the Wind were tenuous at best so the pun didn't really work. And even if it had been a perfectly delicious pun some knee-slapper of a title wouldn't have been a good fit.

Or maybe I did say something about it, but I remember being frustrated at not being able coming up with a decent alternative title. UNCIVIL has all the qualities I knew it wanted my suggested title to have as I was floundering about in my brain ("This place is a MESS! I've really gotta do some housecleaning!!") looking for it. Brevity, allusions to time period, and serious enough for a story with so many dead and wounded without being pretentious. Also a quality I didn't even consider it needing (which from me is a bit surprising)- irony. Yep, by cracky that's the right title for this excellent tale.
~hugs, your scary obsessed stalker-fan LAIKA

Doppler Press Rules

Erin and company recommended the title change. They did a terrific job with the cover and formatting in addition to the care they took with the title.


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

Years, Months of Research to Write the Story

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Angela is a very talented writer. While most of us just jot down a story, after all it's called fiction, she put a lot of time in researching history to write this story. I know many were offended with some of the language. The truth sometimes hurts when lies have been told to rewrite history. Angela didn't sugar coat the way our ancestors talked back in 1861. Or maybe they weren't your ancestors but they certainly were mine. Name any race and I think, good or bad, I'm carrying some of those genes.
The story Angela wrote is certainly a lot more truth than anything schools are teaching now. I know, it's fiction right? I wish that whole damn bloody war was fiction but it wasn't and sadly too many never gave it up as it is still being used for good and evil today. Whose Ox shall we gore today? I wasn't there and unless I'm sadly mistaken neither is anyone else who is living today.
Read UNCIVIL for entertainment and Angela's superb talent at story telling. Maybe, just maybe if one forgets the prejudice, they will be swept away to a time when Hell walked this land, young and old died side by side. Brother fought brother and father in an insane war that never should have been. In all that hate, spilled blood, and misery, angels walked among the men giving comfort and tender care, caring for the wounded and dying.

If Uncivil doesn't make you grit your teeth and reach for the Kleenex, don't take your pulse. You don't have one.
hugs Jill
Hon, if you put this in dead tree form, I want one with your autograph along with the book. My book shelves are stuffed but there will be a place for your story. (after I read it again another hundred times)
Life is a gift. Treasure it until it's time to return it.
No matter how long we live, it's never long enough. Then, it's too long for all the love and pain we gather over the years.

Oklahoma born and raised cowgirl

Uncivil...an amazing read!

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I have been a fan of your stories for a while now, actively looking for anything new or something older that I have not had the opportunity to read yet. When I came across 'Uncivil' and read the synopsis, I was a little skeptical at first and being an avid devotee of the American Civil War, I knew I had to push this to the top of my list of things to read! Let me explain. When it comes to historical facts of that particular time in American history, I'm quite well-read, so since this was a fictional story, I was curious how much 'history' would actually make it into the tale. I was quite surprised and blown away by the numerous events and historical figures you weave into the story, the accuracy of your historical time-line and your attention to detail...the vast amount of research you must have done! I'm not saying it was flawless, you're trying to tell a story after all, I did find a couple of historical inaccuracies, but they in no way hindered the amazing journey you sent us on!

Overall, I found that it was the perfect blend of fact and tg fiction, a wonderful tale that I ended up loving and so will everyone else! Kudos to you, and thank you for sharing with us just a small glimpse of what you think 1860's America would have been like!

Stephanie Charbonneau