Eerie Saloon - High Noon - now on Kindle

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Eerie Saloon - High Noon

by Ellie Dauber and Christopher Leeson

A desperate sheriff resorts to magic to stave off an attack from a vengeful gang of owlhoots. Can the bartender's potion prevent a massacre?

It's a long, dusty trail from the Territorial Prison to Eerie, Arizona.

Now the one-time badmen are faced with a life sentence - starting with being trained to work as saloon girls!


Eerie Saloon - High Noon, now on Kindle

Ellie and Chris are going to be releasing more of the Eerie Saga later this year through DopplerPress, so please everyone, if you buy from Amazon or have only just read the story here, please Leave a Comment on Amazon! It's important.

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Note to UK and EU buyers

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Note to UK and EU buyers, it's the middle of the night or at least early morning in Europe, so the book will most likely be delayed in availability unti mid-morning, maybe later. It is available in the US, CA, and AU, at the very least. :)

Also, the original version (this is the first third of How it All Began) will have to be unpubbed.


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Available on

As the subject says: you can get it on, so it should be available from the rest of the european stores, too.


One of the best western TG series ever available as a ebook. Definitely a must but for me.

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