Marcia - The Arctic Fox

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This is the story of a young boy who's father is a pilot in the USAF, and moves up to Eielson Air Force Base, near Fairbanks Alaska. The boy has a problem, however. He is thirteen, and would normally be entering the seventh grade, but he has been placed in ninth, because he is a genius. How will the other students react, and will there be other problems when they realize who he really is?

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The New Kid - Arctic Fox Prologue
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This is the beginning of Pat's story. He is a brilliant kid, only 13 years old, and already in the ninth grade. But he has a secret that he hasn't even told his parents. Will they understand?

The Arctic Fox

This is the continuation of the story of Tricia Chatham.
It is only a little over 5 months since she moved to Eielson, and her mother died on the day after her birthday of this year.
How much will Tricia miss since she won't have that time with her mom that she would have had?
What will her dad do with a teenage trans-daughter and a girl almost 1 year old?

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