Dragon's Mark by Shauna Rousseau now on Kindle

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Dragon's Mark
by Shauna J. Rousseau
Now on Kindle

The Saga Begins!

Apocalypse could not be avoided. The asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs and most magic-users, good and evil. But it's been a long time, magic is returning to Earth and the struggle between the forces of light and darkness continues… this time with Dragons!

Can the sacrifice of a lowly human, reborn with a Dragon's Mark, spark the renaissance of dragon magic and lead to an ultimate battle between timeless forces?

Can a different sort of Apocalypse be avoided… this time?

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I know this is not for everyone ....

But the proceeds go to BC to keep it up and running!

I already have been "reduced" to 4 stars because of Amazon's nebulous rating system. I don't get anything for the book, BC does. So, any help you can give in ratings only helps keep the site up and running!



I normally am not a fan of this genre -- but based on your great Amadeus series I gave it a try.

I'll get a five-star comment up on Amazon later this week.


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

Thanks, Jill!

I am glad you enjoyed it!