Dreams of Future Past by Kevin McCarthy on Kindle

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Here is a new tale of science gone wrong -- or at least, wandering off and getting lost!

Dreams of Future Past
by Kevin McCarthy
An AlephTwo Book on Kindle

Dreams of Future Past rollicks across a world of artificial gods and aliens that are altogether too damn real! It has villains that want to literally destroy the world, it has heroes that just need a good nap! If it doesn’t make you think of some classics of science fantasy, then there’s a whole list of books you need to read.

Kevin McCarthy has constructed a future history in which the past —our present— is not so much forgotten as …misremembered? De-extincted dinosaurs? Check. Loquacious extraterrestrial arachnid bureaucrats? Check. Animatronic pantheons? Check! The Creature from the Black Lagoon’s Shakespearean doppelganger? Yes!

Art! (It’s chockfull of art.)

Read it!

We’re not even going to mention the sentient clouds of nanites that think they’re ancient Hindu demons!

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Although this is NOT a DopplerPress book, half of the royalties from sales, minus expenses, will go to BigCloset. We're using AlephTwo for this and other selected Scientific Fiction/Fantasy books and eBooks. -- Erin

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VERY good story!

And highly recommended!

No, it's not TG... but it's some great science fantasy, and has some really incredible characters.

Melanie E.