No Substitute for Romance by Maryanne Peters on Kindle

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If you can't be yourself, be someone else!

No Substitute for Romance
by Maryanne Peters
Book 22 in Mostly Happy Endings
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Maryanne finds Mostly Happy Endings for fourteen transgender romance short stories involving impostors, scam artists, criminal masterminds and luckless fools who charge or stumble into situations where they must try to become the romantic heroine of someone else's life story.

By fair means or foul, the replacements must make room for themselves in their new identities in cold and callous worlds. The mostly male original models have to learn to fool their new romantic partners that they are, in fact, the beautiful women they portray

From survivalist hermits, to tennis professionals, to performers of various types, society ladies, even princesses, only the proper techniques of romance can make their substitutions work!

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