Tammy: Rank Stupidity

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Tammy has returned from protecting Royalty and is looking for a straightforward life as she's back at college with end of year exams. Naturally, however, that life isn't as simple as she'd like! Eventually, despite adversity, she does end up in the Isle of man for the TT Races (but you knew that if you've read Royal Retreat?)

This is the first part of Book 14.
23k words in 5 parts.
Part 2 of Book 14 is a story in the LKM universe - Butterflies, Asphalt & Insanity
Note! Although the follow-up to Rank Stupidity is available in advance of the conclusion to this story, there's no spoilers!
Part 3 (late fall 2023) will be a further Tammy-centric story.

A character index and series catch-up is now available

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