Aria - Book 1 - The Holly and the Ivy by Emma Anne Tate

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Cam and Liz's whirlwind romance may be over, but Cami's adventure is only just beginning.

Book 1
The Holly and the Ivy
by Emma Anne Tate
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It’s Christmas in October!

Having been waiting for Doppler to release this on Kindle, it feels like that to me. Thanks to Erin & her fearless crew, and especially to Emma.

I'd missed

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I've missed this wonderful story the first time around, so I wasted no time in quickly buying the kindle edition as soon as it hit the market. I eager await what adventures Ms. Tate takes us on. A 'An Aria for Cami' was for a long time my personal escape from the troubles and cares of the world and when I finished it, I felt a bit hollow. Now I eagery await to see is in store for one my favorite heronie's of TG fiction next to Lana from Frills of course, But giving the masterful story teller Ms. Tate is, I'm assuming I'm in for one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

Got it

I've been busy reading a 13 book trip by Daring Diane for the last two weeks. I finished "Aria" in a leisurely 10 hours. Enjoyed every tasty morsel. Delicious.

Wave a flag when the next book is ready and I'll continue. Thanks in advance.


Thank you, Ron!

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You may know before I do, but I’ll be sure to flag it here when Trials and Temptations is published!


My Review

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Is up as Kindle Customer, 5 stars of course!

Thanks, Joanne!

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You’re a wonder, girl!