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I’m Ms Woolly. I’m a middle aged—I suppose I’m middle aged, now, I have to accept it; I’m going grey—woman who’s been writing for about a decade. I’ve been reading trans fiction, on and off, since I was a teen, once I discovered it existed—a lot of late nights, which continues to this day—and just started writing trans fiction in the latter months of 2023.

In my writing I’ve tried my hand at most things; urban fantasy, science fiction, romance, outright erotica, realism, literary fiction, short stories, opinion pieces for publications, critique, and even novels that could be accused of being ‘art.’ I've tried poetry. No, it didn't rhyme. At least not often... People say if you want to be a good writer you have to read widely. I’d go a little further and include writing widely. If you’ve written across a range of styles and formats you’ll discover and integrate techniques and ideas from everything you've tried into your ‘voice.’ And it will all come a lot easier, no matter what you choose to do.

At the moment I have two main stories going on BCTS; a sci-fi—Allison Zero—and something set in a fictional city in the real world—Toni With An i— featuring an LGBTQ+ bar, Light Avenue, as well as two completed short stories—Marking Your Card and Not Strong Enough to Run – Not Strong Enough to Run being set in the Light Avenue/Toni With An i ‘universe.’ (Light Avenue is an amalgamation of some of my favourite bars, and the favourite bars of people I’ve talked to; and a bit of a dreaming.)

Allison Zero

A dark metallic hallway on a space station, functional and industrial with signs of advanced technology, with a large hexagonal window with a view of a star field.

Allison Zero is my ongoing, yet to be completed sci-fi novel. I have an end point in mind for the first book of it, and tentative plans for other books.

It follows Allison, who begins the story as Patryk, as she discovers the reality of society on—to us—a far future, deep-space space station, one of many, in a civilisation where humanity has found a slow balance. The society may seem strange, but it is the far future, and the people in this far future believe in their society for their own reasons. They're still very human.

There’s a lot of mysteries and secrets on the station, perhaps even throughout the galaxy, and when Patryk meets One, a strange man who provides Patryk with something Patryk has only seen in the media before, tobacco, it reveals something to Patryk that sets him down the path to womanhood—to becoming Allison—and shows him depths to the station he could never have even dreamt of. Not that he ever remembered his dreams. — Link To Part 1 of Allison Zero

Toni With An i

Toni With An i begins with Tony, who, on what he thought would be an entirely regular drinking session at the, ‘Lads Night In,’ he instead experiences a series of completely unanticipated coincidences; some explosive sexual encounters Tony didn’t realise he could want—or enjoy, which he does—two female co-workers of some of the lads arriving to the party, and truths to his friends he didn't know existed; and they all combine in helping Tony in coming to understand she is actually Toni. After that comes many realisations and discoveries. And a journey to a happy life as a woman.

The basic premise of Toni With An i is what if we lived in a world, or a small part of a world, or found a small community where trans people were supported in being themselves. It’s a fantasy in that sense, but it’s not outlandish. It’s what should be. The first chapter is a little risqué, but there’s a reason Tony (not Toni) needed a push, and they got a rather enjoyable one. A gentle nudge, and some encouragement, that revealed to her who she is. And the push, once it happened, is nothing she could ever imagine regretting.

Toni With An i is an ongoing serial. It’s the story I started with on BCTS. At the moment I have no plans to abandon it. While I have ideas for other self-contained novels Toni With An i will be ticking away in the background; my only serial. It doesn’t have a strict schedule, and follows inspirations as they come, but I have a lot of plans for it.

The serial also features Light Avenue—an LGBTQ+ bar—a bar I hope to expand on in other stories—short stories or possibly novellas—detailing the many people who found happiness there, as well as some glimpses into what made it what it is. — Link to Part 1 of Toni With An i

Short Stories

Marking Your Card

Marking Your Card is a short story for the 2024 New Year’s Resolution Writing Contest. It’s a simple story, 5,000 words long (according to my word processor) about a horse racing pub and friendship. It was enjoyable to write, and I hope you find it pleasant too. What's more pleasant than friendship? — Link to Marking Your Card

Not Strong Enough to Run

Set in the same world as Toni With An i, ten years before Toni begins, Not Strong Enough to Run features some of your favourites from Toni With An i—Steph and Trevor, and Light Avenue—revealing more of the bar, while also taking a trip, via a young, trainee nurse, Paul, to an old hospital ward, and then a 9am drink where Paul has to get something off his mind, to his supervisor Alicia.

There’s no need to read Toni With An i to understand Not Strong Enough to Run; this short story is self-contained. Even then it should reveal something about the sort of, but also not quite, LGBTQ+ bar that is Light Avenue. And if you don’t want to commit to a serial it might pique your interest in the supportive community Toni With An i is set in. Link to Not Strong Enough to Run

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and my writing. I'll update this page as things change. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I've enjoyed writing them!

Lots of love,

Ms Woolly