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The Switcher virus wasn't done with Harry Grant...


Reset Switch
by Melanie Brown
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Harry Grant at 25 fell victim to the international criminal, Ron Simon, AKA the Switcher. Poor Harry had been mind-swapped with an old man of 65. Forty years of his life stolen in a moment…

But the viral infection left behind by the Switcher wasn’t done with Harry yet. He and many of Simon’s other victims fell into a coma. Somehow, a reset switch had been triggered and a new life as a ten-year-old girl began for Harry…

Cover and Typography by Joyce Melton
Using Leonardo AI and Photoshop

Serialized on BigCloset as Mutation by Melanie Brown

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Purchased and reviewed

I have purchased this and left a review on Amazon

Review and rating are up

Review is live on Amazon

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Left a 5 star rating and a very positive review on Amazon.



Woo Hoo

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I don't know how long it will stay there, but right now this book is the #1 new release in Transgender Fiction! Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy!


Congratulations! Well deserved

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I hope this augurs a ever-wider audience for your work!

- iolanthe

#10 in bestsellers

This book is currently #10 bestseller in Transgender Fiction

Just started it this morning

I am presently taking a short break from chapter 4. Mutations wasn't that long ago and very memorable. It was on my "must read" list. The humor is even better the second time around. Now that I have read it twice do I get a T-shirt?

When I married my wife her two youngest sisters were both younger than ten. Oh, the stories I could tell. They are now both multiple grandmothers.


another great story

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you did a great job on this one as is most of your story's .thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us .