Charlotte Dickles

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Charlotte Dickles

Welcome to my author page. Below, you will find a complete listing of my stories in alphabetical order. Most are just plain fun, but I would like to put a little order to some of the stories. It's also well worth saying that all my stories are complete. The first chapter of a serial is not published until all the chapters are ready for publication. Generally, the chapters are then published at daily intervals.

Most, but not all, of the stories are set in the fictional seaside town of Seacombe, located on the south coast of England. It's about four hours journey time from London, and when asked for more information, I reply it's somewhere between Seaton and Salcombe, which fits in rather nicely with the name. It's worth saying there is a real Seacombe, on the Wirral in the north-west of England, and there is also a holiday house for rent called Seacombe in Devon - maybe they supply products from Big Busts.

Which takes me on nicely to the main components of my stories - products from the Big Busts shop in Seacombe which are designed to make men look like women. The Bustlet - similar to a crop top with built in breasts, the Hiplet - like a control brief which pads out the bum and hips and gives the wearer a useable vagina; and the Torsolet - like a leotard which does a combination of the two.

There are two series:

  • SIGHS - Stories involving pupils from the Seacombe Independent Girls High School. The stories have teenagers as their protagonists who get up to mischief, but it's all fairly innocent fun. Click on the SIGHS link to find details of all the stories.
  • A Decade of Big Busts, which are stories originally published on Fictionmania and ported over to BC. Again, click on the link for details.

Most of my longer stories are split into chapters and published at daily intervals.

Now, select a few stories, sit back and enjoy.