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I've been writing for around six years now. Before I found BCTS I tried many times to write, but just could never get anywhere with it. Here, I met authors and editors with real world experience, who helped me to find my author's voice. And I met friends here, who helped me to define who I am.

I'm a 35 year old trans woman, lesbian, but I am also a wordsmith, a gamer, a musician, photographer, and YouTube Content Creator. I am many shades of goth, but I also love tie dye. I listen to every genre of music from 60s rock to traditional Celtic.

I proudly define myself as Neo-Pagan, but hold on to my Christian roots because, despite they define my empathy for other human beings.

I am the author of the novel series Becoming Robin, the heartwarming story of a transgender teenager on the path to self-acceptance in her new life.

I'm also the co-creator of a number of stories with my writing partner and girlfriend Ashleigh (AKA Dark Kitten). You can find the rest of our joint-written stories by clicking here!

Social Media
YouTube: Autumn Willow (Video Game Let's Plays and occasional vlogging)
DeviantArt: DarkenedCrystal
Twitter: @AutumnalWillow
Facebook: Zoe Taylor