Thor-girl: The Wrath of a Thunder God

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Thor-girl: Wrath of a Thunder God
Lilith Langtree

Banished to Midgard almost five hundred years ago, Thor Odinson's punishment has finally ended... only to be renewed.


Thor-girl: The Wrath of a Thunder God

Must say that "Goldilocks" has never looked better.[nickname due to golden locks

May Your Light Forever Shine

Really enjoyed this

Fantastic writing, I really liked how you introduced us to Thor first and then brought in your main character. It lends a lot of weight to that italicized voice coming from the hammer.

And this is a brilliant way to get around Thor's omnipotence. Hope you get a chance to come back to this some day. Really looking forward to seeing how it turns out, and how Tyra gets along with Courtney.