In the Freezer

by Charlotte Dickles

SYNOPSIS: Nigel, and his wife, Angela, are happy to offer a temporary UK home to Nigel's Aunt Nancy, following the death of her rich husband Frank, in Australia. On their first evening together, they are absolutely delighted when Nancy signs her will leaving all her fortunes to them when she dies. But wills have to be properly witnessed, and with Nancy's premature departure, someone has to witness her signature. Although the family resemblance is fortuitous, Nigel has reservations about the whole scheme. With just cause, it would appear.

This story is complete but will be released in three parts at daily intervals.

AUTHORS NOTE: Like many of my stories, this is a light-hearted romp which I hope you will enjoy. But it does contain adult themes such as (and the more sensitive readers may wish to close their eyes whilst reading the next 17 words): crossdressing, sex with multiple partners of both genders, illegal acts, getting drunk, humour and extra marital sex. (If you've had your eyes closed, you may now open them.) So if reading material containing those subjects is either illegal or not to your taste (or if you've had your eyes closed), then please do not do it - or at least, don't moan about it afterwards.