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All Johnny wanted to do was take ballet classes, like his best friend Christina. He couldn't stop thinking about pink tights and tutus. Even though his brother and father tormented him, he longed to be more like his sister LeAnn.
Maybe he was much more like her than he knew.

Johnny eventually realized he wanted to be a girl, and chose the name Sarah. With help from her friends, and older sister, Sarah was able to face her toughest battle yet.

Boys Don't Cry
Boys Don't Cry Title Image
Boys Don't Cry
 © 2011 Zoe Taylor

All little Johnny wanted
was to take ballet...


Just finished

I just finished reading this. After getting about half way through almost couldn't stop reading until finished.

Sorry just could not resist

If Boys Don't Cry on Kindle - - where can they cry.

I know it is horrible, in bad taste, and I'm sure people are groaning - but it's the middle of a night when I couldn't sleep and in order to head off another mental debate with myself I had to post.

Jeri Elaine

Homonyms, synonyms, heterographs, contractions, slang, colloquialisms, clichés, spoonerisms, and plain old misspellings are the bane of writers, but the art and magic of the story is in the telling not in the spelling.

Me2, as in could not resist to buy

I like this story a lot, it makes me feel the wonderful sadness of what could have been if I had led another life.

Thanks for bringing it to Kindle, now I can have my own copy.