Shepherd Moon



Shepherd Moon
by Bobbie Cabot


Think of a future Earth, where the long-dreaded nuclear war has come and gone, and the global population was knocked down to the level of the nineteen hundreds, but fully recovered and again prosperous, with the human race starting to explore the galaxy.

But when the humans get the inevitable proof that there was indeed other intelligent life, what if these aliens weren't terribly different from the humans, and what if these people were on the brink of war themselves...

- with a nod to the masters of space opera: J. Michael Straczynski, Larry Niven, David Brinn, E.E. (Doc) Smith,Iain M. Banks, and, of course, George Lucas.
My thanks. And my apologies.

(Thanks also to a good friend (who shall remain nameless, as per request) - thank you for giving me this story, your words, your ideas, and, most of all, your friendship. Your story is in good hands, I promise.)
A Dedication to Holly

A fellow writer in BCTS named Holly Hart was helping me edit my story, “Shepherd Moon.” Prior to her passing away, she finished editing the prologue, and parts 1 to 3 of the story. Holly and I agreed that we would post the edited version of the story when it was completed and we would hold off on posting any edited versions until then.

As many in the site know, Holly passed away August of 2013. It was a big disappointment that Holly wasn’t able to do her magic with parts 4, 5 and the epilogue, as well as with the “Stories from the Shepherd Moon.” But now that the story’s finished, I am posting our edited version of the prologue, and parts 1, 2 and 3, and I am dedicating the completed story to Ms Holly “Happy” Hart.

She was a talented and open-minded editor who always had an encouraging word for amateur writers like me, and was a kind soul - gentle in her encouraging correspondence, and always positive in her outlook in life despite the considerable challenges that were in her way. Holly, in fact, “featured” heavily in my blogs, as she helped me through my trials and tribulations as an amateur writer here in BCTS.

It is through the example of people like her that I find the will to persevere, and the power to remain positive regardless. If Holly can continue on and remain positive up to the last moments of life, we all can.

For Holly Hart / Holly Logan, 1944 – 2013

With Love, July 2016



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