The DarkRealms Universe

The DarkRealms Universe


Series of stories in the DarkRealms Universe

BACKGROUND: The DarkRealms universe is centered around a small fictional town in the North East called Ravencrest. The epicenter of the strange supernatural occurences seems to be the old Ravencrest manor that makes up the main building of the college there, Ravencrest University. Lord Ravencrest donated his large manor to the city to make a college at the turn of the 20th Century then vanished. Since his disappearance, a lot of strange and unusual stuff has happened on the university grounds and the surrounding town.

The DarkRealms universe is home to a lot of strange and supernatural beings, chief among them vampires. But there are a lot of creatures that go bump in the night actually.

Right now I'm centering stories on vampires but as the universe gets bigger I'll introduce stories about other supernatural beings too like witches, werewolves and ghosts just to name a few. Most of the rules will be laid out in the stories that I post, starting with the first one and then continuing in the second one too. After a few stories are posted, I'll come up with a more concrete set of rules and post them here.

The current plans for my Vampires or the Girls of DBZ as I've been calling them are in two waves. There's room to add new girls to the sorority but I'd also like stories about histories, specifically of the other girls that are already members. Wisteria is the oldest vampire, turned during the reign of Louis the fourteenth so no one older than her. She's also the boss, a powerful combination of vampire and witch with no equal. Her chief rival is Carmilla, her sometimes companion whom she created during the French Revolution. Though they live in the same house, the two of them are constantly at odds with one another. Wisteria and Carmilla have formed two separate factions in the House, both of them with means to bring girls into their service.

If you're interested in writing in this universe, PM and we can discuss ideas.


1. 7 Supernatural Beings so far---Vampires, Weres, Ghosts/Spirits, Banshees, Ghouls, Fae, Witches
2. Sunlight makes vampires sick but they can go out in it for about an hour
3. Holy relics have no effect on Vampires. The same can be said for religion
4. Stakes and fire kill, silver irritates the hell out of them
5. They don't kill
6. One unique power per vampire
7. Can only "Mesmer" male victims
8. They're faster and stronger than normal humans
9. Vampires are stuck in Ravencrest due to a curse.
10. There are two factions: Wisteria and Carmilla, Suzanne is the only one who is alone.
11. Wisteria is the Queen. Carmilla is her first "child". They are the oldest vamps, Wisteria having been turned in the 1600s.
12. Fledglings go through a "conversion" stage, whereby they're locked up until they control the blood lust.
13.None of their victims remember what happened to them---except a very small few but they're rare.
14. Five Main Were Groups: Wolves, Cougars, Bears, Coyotes and Foxes
15. The Were groups are families, the head of which are the Lockes
16. There are other Weres but most are not native to Ravencrest. They live mainly at a certain fraternity on campus
17. Most Weres come into their gift at age 16
18. Only Wisteria and Carmilla turn men into female vampires.
19. You can't turn other Unseen, meaning that a Vampire can't make a Witch into a Vampire.
20. The term Fae is used to be a very broad topic of different supernatural beings.
21. No two Vampires possess the same power.

Here's a primary list of rules, I'm sure there are others written in my stories but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. If anyone remembers anymore, I'd appreciate if they point them out to me. If anyone has any questions about rules or needs me to elaborate on them, I'll be more than happy too.

Also Lilith was gracious enough to put the stories in order as they would appear in a timeline. As more stories are added, the timeline will be tweaked.

DBZ Girls:I'm compiling a list of the girls here, including when they turned and what their powers might be.

Wisteria (1640s)-Can absorb the lifeforce of others through drinking of their blood (this includes memories and some personality etc)
Carmilla (1793)-Empathic abilities
Josephine (1863)-Powers will be revealed later
Suzanne (1944)- Powers unknown at the moment
Theresa (???)-Can stay out in the sun longer than the others
Charlotte (2000)- Can make her skin hard as rock, enabling her to be nearly indestructible.
"Katie"/Kyle (2011)- Can see ghosts but this is connected to another power
Pandora (2011)- Powers will be revealed later
Lucy (???)-Power unknown

These are the only girls that have been mentioned so far, this list will be expanded upon as more are introduced into the universe :)

The Universe is open to all writers. I only ask that you read the stories before attempting to write your own so that there aren't any little things that don't fit. if you want to feel more secure in what works and what doesn't, PM me your story and I'll take a look :)

NEW UPDATE: The Dark Realms Wiki is our new Wiki, the writers and I have been working really hard on it. Those seeking any new info about the DRU can find it there. We've been trying to update it every day.

Payter Eketta was nice enough to compile an Index for the DRU that was posted in blog form as the DarkRealms Universe Gazetteer.