The Story-Booke Realms

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Welcome to Story-Booke, a place of magic, where Elves come in three kinds, High Elves (Santa Claus, Jack Frost, Easter Bunny). Work shop Elves who can magically make things out of nothing, and Shape shifting elves like Rodalph and Prancer (The rest of the gang).

Closed Universe

Universe Rules:
Since this is a closed universe for now, if you want to write in it, please send me a PM on the site to get approval.
More Rules for the universe are coming.

Main Characters that are vital to the universe (If you write in this universe you cannot kill them):

Jane Frost's story is the first in the series
Melissa Claus's story is the second in the series
Jennifer Bunny - See todo.

Todo: Write Jennifer's Story (Easter Bunny's daughter) and finish writing about Jane, Melissa and Jen's adventures in Story-Booke.