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The Hyperverse

Superhumans are real. Most of them are Hypers, people born with an extra pair of Chromosomes called the Hyper Chromosomes or H Chromosomes. Hypers are also referred to as mutants and this extra chromosome pair can remain dormant one's whole life unless activated by a period of heightened stress or strong emotions. Most Hypers just want to live normal lives and be accepted by a society that mostly fears and hates them. Hypers live all over the world, many of them living in the closet, but there is a town called Morristown located on Trane Island, one of the Belcher Islands in Hudson’s Bay where mutants are free to be themselves. On that same island is Aaron Morris Private School, or AMPS, a school where mutants can learn to use their powers and live with their mutations.

A lot of people wonder what order the various Hyperverse stories happen in and while most of the stories are meant to be standalone there is a general timeline. I will be posting this timeline to the Hyperverse main page and updating it as new stories are added. These are in order from the earliest chronological point in the stories.

Syryn's Song - Friday May 17th 2013
My Super-powered Diary - August 10th 2013
Mixed, Shaken and Stirring (By Tels) - August 23rd 2013
Once Kitten Twice Shy - November 2013
Naughty or Ice - December 6th 2013
Going Green - Christmas Day 2013
Shocking Developments - December 28th 2013
Glitch! - Between Christmas and New Years Eve 2013
Glitch! 2: First Oath - Immediately following Glitch!
Nullified - January 4th 2014 (immediately following the events of Shocking Developments)
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Dot (By Dorothy Colleen) Early January 2014
A Star is Born - Early January 2014
Cat Stop Loving You - February 11th 2014

The Hyperverse is a conditionally open universe and if you have story ideas for this universe feel free to pm me to discuss them. That said there are some rules:

Rule 1: Before posting any stories or chapters of stories for this Universe please send them to me so that I can look over them. This is to make sure that they are consistant with the universe and using all the proper terms. This also allows me to give you more information on certain technologies and locations that are not discussed here if you feel you need it.

Rule 2: You are free to use any locations, including Morristown. AMPS, PSA, and Costa Verde but if you wish to feature another author's character(s) in one of your stories even in passing please run it by that author first.

Rule 3: Every Hyper has a unique Archetype or blueprint of what their body should be that is created when their latent Hyper Chromosomes are activated. These Archetypes are influenced by the mutant’s mental state, preconceived notions, conscious and subconscious desires and often by their new powers as well. People satisfied with their appearance may look the same after being activated or have only negligible physical changes, many have an ideal look in their subconscious, some are determined by what they are thinking of when activating, some are heavily influenced by their powers, and many are a mix of these. Powers on the other hand are largely influenced by the conditions under which they activate, strong desires, and possibly by genetics as some second generation mutants tend to have powers similar to their parent(s).

Rule 4: AMPS has between 400 and 500 students at any given time and each dorm is 4 floors with 10 spacious double rooms per floor, allowing for a maximum of 520 students overall since the adding of the co-ed dorm. The co-ed dorm is one student to a room and slated for students whose mutations are problematic for themselves or others or may cause the student to have troubles adjusting to everyday life. The public story for the rest of the school is that the single room co-ed dorm is for those whose powers are too dangerous or unpredictable to be around while sleeping so their rooms need special modifications. Generally though it’s because the students in dorm 7 are ‘freaks among freaks’ often having not only dangerous powers but strange appearances and other issues as well.
PSA (Pacific Seaside Academy) is a sister school similar to AMPS but with quite a few quirks and is located along the coast in northern California.

Rule 5: Powers are rated from Category one which are nuisance level powers to Category five which is extremely powerful. Most Hypers are in the one to four range so please keep that in mind.

Rule 6: There are twelve loose classifications of mutant power types. Some mutants fit into one of these, while some fit in more than one. These classifications are as follows:
* Shifters: Usually able to shift their own form or alter other things to varying degrees.
* Psychics: Anyone with any type of mental gifts; Telepathy, Telekinesis, precognition, etc
* Energy Manipulators (EMs): Anyone who creates and/or manipulates any form of energy as part of their powers.
* Generators: Can generate matter and/or manipulate it like EMs do with energy.
* Regens: Accelerated healers, regeneration. Usually use their archetype as a template that their healing powers try to return them to if injured.
* Teleporters: Those who possess the ability to move from one place to another instantaneously. This can be done in various ways; passing through other dimensions, matter displacement, or even by destroying matter in one place to reconstitute it somewhere else.
* Tinkers: Highly intelligent and able to create incredibly complex and advanced devices using science.
* Mystics: Anyone who taps into magic, one of the primal forces of nature.
* Mediums: Anyone who can communicate with ghosts, sense and manipulate life energies, and/or connect with nature spirits. They can sometimes make contracts with powerful spirits to use their powers, but the costs for that can be high.
* Elementals: Those who control the elements, earth, water, fire, air, etc.
* Enhanced: One or more of their base human attributes are much higher than normal.
* Wildcards: Anyone whose powers don’t fit in to the other types or whose powers work in ways that can’t be deciphered.

Rule 7: The words Hyper and mutant can be used interchangeably and you may use characters that aren't mutants. They could be normal people with special skill sets, aliens, robots, or whatever so long as story ideas are run by me first.

Rule 8: Have fun.

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Are the H-chromosomes new to the world or is it just that they very seldom activated before now?


They've only really been

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They've only really been discovered in the past fifty years or so in this reality and they seldom activated before this. There have been figures of legend in history who may have been people who had theirs activated (Hercules, Joan of Arc, etc.) but it wasn't a common genetic trait. With the world population so big in modern times though the number of people with any rare genetic traits have grown exponentially and this includes the H Chromosomes. There's still not a lot of mutants given the world population (one percent or less) but it seems like a lot because the population itself is so big.


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