The Sidereus Prophecy

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Darren Lawrence had what most would consider an idyllic life- a beautiful family, a house, a close circle of trustworthy friends and his music. However, all of this changed the day he lost his job. This disappointing yet seemingly innocuous occurrence sets off a series events that threaten to strip Darren of his identity and turn him into everything that he hates.

This story is my thank you to a community that has provided me free fiction for years. It is also my first story (and probably my last), and I will warn you- it is long. My intrepid editor, Robyn Hoode, slaved through the drafts of the story, providing insightful and helpful commentary. His enthusiasm for the subject material kept me motivated. Honestly, without him and his constant feedback, this story wouldn’t exist. So, if you enjoy this story, you have him to thank, as much as me.