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Celtic Ceilidh.jpeg Tammyverse Series The ongoing series, including The Ceilidh, Tom's Fireworks, Tamara's Debut, Tamara's First Christmas, Tamara's Trials, Testing Times for Tammy, Tammy's Summer Diary, Anchored, It's Complicated, Aftermath, Deathtrap, Moving On, the Interludes series, Deja Flew and In A Spin. Twelve completed books, two short stories and two first-person interludes so far: over a million words and counting!
Debut-cover.jpg Tamara's Debut on Kindle The first Kindle publication of the Tammy series is a combined novel of Tom's Fireworks and Tamara's Debut. To date there are eight Kindle books, with the nineth due in November 2021. My website has a full list: . For info, the Kindle books follow the same storyline as the original serials but have been fully revised with new content and expanded stories. Where a story wasn't suitable for novelisation, it has been completely rewritten, this is the case for Summer Fling (originally Summer Diary).
UG1_cover_1.jpg Unaccounted Gains Series How much trouble can an accountant get into? Plenty, it would seem. Book 1 available here, book 2 is currently being re-posted on BCTS
Four books available on Kindle.
new_eve.jpg Eve Simon is sixteen years old when he finds out something is quite wrong in his life. 43 chapters (including 4 recent chapters to finish the story
Not Long Now Not Long Now A three parter that came from a writing workshop
human.png Standalone Stories Stories that do not fit into one of the above series.
My Kindle Author's Page (UK)
My Kindle Author's Page (USA)


Wow, your stories are awesome.

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I've just finished doing an 8 day marathon of reading everything Shiraz has written here and has published on Amazon. I really like her work and I'm looking forward to what she publishes next. Thank you Shiraz.