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The Lord of Petty Revenges (LoPR Part I)

Anthony Danforth has a talent for enacting revenge on those that irritate him in life. He learns a new talent during the course of his schemes and then uses it to enact the ultimate revenge on his annoying neighbour.

Masks 21: Part 10

Part Ten

Blue Impact was actually dozing at her private work carrel in the main room of the old bakery when she was woken by fulminous swearing. From Gadgetive.

"What's going on?" she said, shaking her head to try and clear it more quickly as she hurried to the lounge area.

"There's a seismic disturbance at the Adirondack Anomaly!" she yelled.


Katie Ann - Chapter 1: The Website

Katie Ann

Nineteen year old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 145

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 145
Can we get them there? A plan.
It is similar to grandma.
Jackie, you are sneaky, but it's a good plan. ~o~O~o~ Why is Charlie recovering so quickly? ~o~O~o~ Are our lives getting into a rut? Naw.

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.3

Raven wipes the sweat out of her eyes, as she tightens up the last ball joint. The heat inside the garage was causing her to sweat more than she normally did. The big floor fans Jordan put out in the garage to help cool it down, weren’t doing much.

She finishes the job and slowly lowers the car down. Once it was touching the floor. Raven makes the notes on the repair order and drives the car out to the parking lot to be picked up.

She sighs when she goes back into the building. The waiting area was nice and cold.

One Saturday Night at Magee's

One Saturday Night at Magee’s
by Ellie Dauber

I’m afraid that I screwed up in attaching the .pdf file that was the bulk of Magee’s story #2. I have fixed it. So if you couldn’t read it before please try again. And comment. I did get 8 comments on what was posted, but they were all “Where’s the .pdf?” Still eight comments are eight comments, so here’s the third story. I’d like some comments on this one, also. Just because I only wrote three doesn’t mean that a fourth one might show up, given sufficient feedback.

This is the last of three stories about Magee’s, a neighborhood bar with a most unusual owner. Out of work – and bitter -- Vic Cantrell lets his wife. Betty, drag him into Magee’s for a drink. Only to find an evening far different than they ever expected.

A Night at Magee's: Face the Music

This is the second of three stories about Magee’s, a neighborhood bar with a most unusual owner. When Jim and Don decide to steal a valuable display item, they find out just how unusual.

This story is a .pdf file -- which has been attached, sorry -- to allow for the experimental formatting. Story #3 gets posted after I see at least three comments.

And, in response to someone's question, Magee's is not an open universe. Sorry.

Warped Space - Chapter 2

Warped Space - Chapter 2
By Misty Steppes

Don't go expecting these every night, folks, I'm just trying to decide where exactly I'm going with this story, and I do that by writing until I'm happy with a chapter and where it takes the story. That being said, enjoy!

Knight of Empire

Knight of Empire
A Tale of the Star Wars
E. E. Nalley

3643 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin)
Taris, Ojoster Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

I won't ever forget the first time I saw the planet Taris.


Choice By Ellie Dauber © 2003

Another one of my older stories, served up for your consumption and your comments (if you please).

* * * * *

Joe Neville grew up as “the Mayor’s kid.” Thanks to an African artifact, he gets a chance to be something else.


Ethan couldn’t believe how he looked in the full-size mirror he was standing in front of. He was wearing a custom-made spandex leotard suit that had holographic flames on it. A matching tailcoat and three-inch heel court shoes and fishnet stockings.

He couldn’t believe how the prosthetic breast and padding gave him a nice female figure. His short hair had been replaced with a wig that was long and orange. The hair of the wig was full and came four inches past his shoulder. The make-up on his face was tasteful and artfully done.

O/our favourite position

my Master has fixed me up. i am lying on my back, legs raised up and spread wide, ankles fixed to the corners of the bed. i am so supple that my knees rested on the bed, either side of my head. Knees are also tied to the sides of the bed, and my wrists and elbows are tied together behind my back, and my wrists tied off to the opposite head of the bed.

Doorway to Amaru Meru Part 7

Doorway to Amaru Meru

Part 7 of 8


I was afraid of what this might mean. How can the Earth gate be opened without the ring and necklace or the right celestial events?

“It must be Vikold. Syette, did you know he could do this or what his plans are?”

Masks 21: Part 9

Part Nine

Vic woke slowly, which was odd. With her level of regeneration, even a powerful narcotic should have worn off quickly once her body began eliminating it. To her alarm, she discovered that she had been stripped and dressed in a paper examination gown. Even her ear bud was gone. She wasn't certain, but from the condition of her hair suspected she'd actually been washed.

"Someone was being thorough," she muttered, her voice hoarse.

Masks 21: Part 8

Part Eight

"You just know they're gonna ambush us," said Energia, as the four of them entered the flyer. "That note with the address was left there for us to find. These are all professionals; they're not likely to make such a mistake."

"Then let's turn it around and ambush them," said Blue Impact. "I think we'll also bring help."

* * *

Were to Start 3 of 4

Were to Start

Part 3

"Marcos, I feel weaker this morning." I hadn't opened my eyes yet, but the diminished scent of Marcos, and the feeling of having less strength needed to be expressed.

"There's a good reason for that Bianca." His reply caught me off guard, I heard it with my ears. My eyes opened in a flash, to see his smiling face. The same face he had at the altar in my dream. "Good morning beautiful." I couldn't help it, I smiled back, a full on ear to ear smile.

Doorway to Amaru Meru Part 5

Doorway to Amaru Meru

Part 5 of 8


Saurel moved towards me and held two objects, one in each hand. One was a collar like the one Sharian was wearing and the other was a silver orb.

Warped Space - Chapter 1

Warped Space - Chapter 1
By Misty Steppes

Welcome to my first story! Be warned, this may receive a rewrite at some point, but I'm not going to do much good staring at it so I might as well let it out into the wild. Enjoy, and I'd love to hear comments or criticism down below.

Masks 21: Part 7

Part Seven

"While you were gone we gathered a lot more data on the New Breed," said Blue Impact, once Energia had returned to the old bakery and briefed the others. The team leader was looking very serious. "Turns out they are responsible for at least twenty deaths. The various law enforcement agencies are accused of not hunting them as diligently as they should. That they are holding back because the New Breed has gotten rid of so many costumed villains. However, that lack of attention is now changing.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 144

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 144
A dinner meeting. A gathering? A mistake!
Dr. Joe! Pay back time? Maybe. ~o~O~o~ Will Charlie and Jackie go to the gathering with us? ~o~O~o~ A test in observation. ~o~O~o~ A summer job?

Were to Start 2 of 4

Were to Start

Part 2

Emily and I had found ourselves in a bit of a predicament. How do you change back to human form if you don't really understand how you ended up as a large predatory cat? We could communicate, but were we automatically interpreting our growls, or was it simply telepathy?

We decided to test out the telepathy first. About the last thing we wanted at this time is for a neighbor or a passerby to hear us growling at each other. About that time, the grandfather clock chimed one in the afternoon. 'Damn, that's a lot louder now,' I thought.

Hit'n those notes... Chapter 2

Author retains all rights to this original work of fiction.

Tuesday, March 27th 6:44 AM
I entered the conference room dressed business casual – what I was wearing wasn’t my first choice, but I was too tired to fight clothing choices at 5:30 AM. My nerves were certainly trying to get the better of me, but my biggest problem was not getting enough sleep. I slept like a rock, just didn’t get enough of it. Without some strong coffee, I was going to crash and crash hard.

Solomon's Test part 5 - the conclusion

Solomon’s test part 5 - the conclusion

Chapter 9: Solomon’s Trial

Long afterward, when Lorraine tried to describe what had happened next, she found herself struggling to find words.

The place she found herself in at first seemed like a green grassy grove, with a range of mountains to the east. A bright and clear river flowed through, and flowers grew everywhere.

Masks 21: Part 6

Part Six

The next day was a Saturday, and supposedly a day off for Tricorne, at least as far as giving lectures was concerned. However, they were still cleaning their breakfast dishes when they got an emergency call from Ma. Blue Impact took the call, then quickly put it on speaker, while Ma did the same. The bakery quartet gathered around the kitchen phone.

"Go ahead," said Blue Impact.

Were to Start 1 of 4

Were to Start

Part 1

Where to start? Were to start? I guess, that would be South America, Brazil to be exact. I Jason, and my wife Emily wanted to see The Amazon, and tour Brazil to see if any of the sights from Fast Five showed up. The trip was mainly to see the rainforests, though we'd be in some populated areas quite frequently, so the movie came to mind while we were planning our little expedition.

Solomon's Test part 4

Solomon’s test part 4

Chapter 7: Talia’s transformation and Renee’s renaissance

Talia’s changes were both subtle and dramatic.

She was still wearing her EMT uniform, but she filled it out in a much more feminine manner. But to Lorraine, the biggest change was to her stance and demeanor. When Lorraine had seen her at the support group, the girl had seemed shrunk, drawn into herself as if permanently waiting for some blow to strike, or as if the psychological burden of being trans was physically crushing her.

The Womb of the Unknown Cheerleader Chapter 4 (Final)

Tom is about to learn that there's a price to pay for a misspent youth. Owen seems determined to help Tom. The dean is looking for answers, while the cheerleaders are. . .enthusiastic.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 143

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 143
A list. Dinner and a talk. Hi Mom.
A walk along the Rio Grande.
Jackie, we lied to you. ~o~O~o~ Is Charlie okay with what we told Jackie? ~o~O~o~ A visit with the Eagles, and a gift.


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